Monday, 26 October 2015


Years ago, Mondays used to excite me. I would wake and feel charged and ready to go to work. 

Then I got sick.  My crusties started ripping up the place. 

And Mondays didn't mean the same thing. 

They were just another day. Another day like the rest. Except that everyone else went to work except me. I stayed home and tried to fill my day. Got sleep. Did my treatments. Looked after the lungs. Tried to eat. Or plugged in my feeding tube. 

Brad would come home and ask me how my day was and I would say "same as every other".

Or, sometimes I would have something else exciting. Like "I took Griffin for an extra long walk" or "I managed to make the bed today".

The last while I've dreaded Mondays. Perhaps because things at work aren't ideal. Perhaps because my cast and crutches are so destructible that I have a hate on for anything involving physical activity. 

Or, perhaps because I'm just simply tired. 

Today, I woke with a new attitude. You don't have anymore Mondays here. So I changed my perspective. 

I approached the day like you would have. I was ok with Monday. I was ok with annoyances at work. I was ok with what was supposed to be a simple summer-to-winter-tire-switch that turned into a you're-screwed-with-a-$1000-bill. 

Things could always be worse. You aren't here. You would love to stil be here with a $1000 car bill. 

So I am ok with this Monday.

For you Kris. For you. 💚

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