Saturday, 24 October 2015

Celebration of life

Kris. It was beautiful. Just like you. 

The music, the words, the purple sand, the Mickey Mouse, the live laugh lungs. 

You would have been so proud.

Of Derek. Of Jim. Of Suzie. 

They love you so much; the kind of love we all crave. 

I threw sand. We all threw sand. I won't ever say goodbye though. Never. You are here. You are all around us. 

Jim says he has an open door. Your friends will visit and tell lots of stories. Probably some they've never heard. 

So, watch out! Secrets exposed!

I'm at the airport now. I wish I could stay longer. I wish I could explore this city with you. Montreal would never be the same. 

You were more than a friend. You were family. Our lung family is connected in much deeper ways then we can explain. 

One day we will all be together again. 

Until then, I promise to live life the way you'd want me to. I know you'll be there. You'll be watching. 

I love you. So much that I bought this at the airport. I will drink out of it everyday for you:

Sleep well my friend. Although, as we all know, wherever you are, you're having a good time. Making friends and playing Mexican Train. 

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