Saturday, 24 October 2015


We all arrived together...after getting lost, asking for directions and then going around in circles (love you Gramps). 

I felt my throat closing and my stomach rolling around. I didn't think I could face it. I still don't. 

But we had each other. Marie-Eve, Danny, Giselle, Pamela and my Gramps. 

We saw Derek first. I tried so hard to be strong. I failed. I'm so sorry. I didn't want to break down, but I did. 

I don't like living in a world where there's no Kristy. It doesn't make sense. 

We saw your casket. Touched it. Even then I wanted you to pop around the corner and yell "Fooled ya!"

Some thoughts don't make sense. But this whole thing doesn't make sense. 

I saw your mom and dad. They are holding it together, just like Derek, but all I want to so is hug them and never let go. 

I saw Aunt Louise! How long has it been? Since my crusty chunkers! That's how long!

We all ate together afterward. I had a couple of glasses of wine for you. I thought you'd like that. It was white btw. 

I'm sitting here, waiting to meet everyone to head out. We have to be early. You are very very popular. Incredibly special. 

Your dad is doing your eulogy. 

Marie-Eve and I have lots of Kleenex. 

I will tell you all about it. 

I love you 💚

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