Saturday, 4 October 2014

Lazy days

Life is such a blur. Days fly by - but yet go slow at times...those times when you want to bash your head against the wall and hide under your bed/desk.

I'm busy waking up before the sun and staring into Jagger's eyeballs. As soon as I am finished getting ready the boys fly to the door to run their faces off outside.

I drink my first cup of coffee in either A) silence, listening only to my own breathing and the dogs licking each other's faces or B) while watching some show that I've taped and haven't had time to gawk at.

Before work we walk the dogs. It's the best part of their day. They dream about it all night. They likely talk about it all day long while we are slaving away at work.

When we get home they act as though we've been gone for years and years. They run full steam ahead outside. Their evening walk is the second best part of their day.

What would I do without their beautiful and excited faces?

Health-wise I'm feeling perfect. I'm feeling lucky. Blessed. Grateful.

I've been getting short of breath walking up stairs and things like that, but I truly believe it's because I've been so freaking lazy. Watching tv is just sooo much easier than doing 50 burpees.

That's my problem. TV. It's just too interesting.

Yup, not my fault that I'm lazy.

Glad we settled that.

In other news, my hair is still continuing to let go of my head and fall to the floor. Thankfully, I'm not at the wig purchasing stage yet. I have many more strands left before that would happen.

I did chop some off and created bangs. Well, to be honest, I didn't actually do it myself. That's what my fantastic stylist is for. I just sit there. See? Another sign of lazy!

And if I'm being completely honest here, I have to go watch TV. There is something important that I need to see, plus it's raining. I'll be back...typing is exercise, right?