Thursday, 11 September 2014

Hair today - gone tomorrow

Thank you for the reminder that there are such amazing people in this world. Your concern really means a lot and your kind words make me smile. 

If I had it my way I would write full time. Just sit here in my pajamas, throwing coffee down my throat and writing. 


There's this thing called work. 


I've been having a bit of a war with that stuff on the top of my head, otherwise known as hair. 

It's been falling out steadily for about two years. The last few months have been insanity. 

It comes out when I finger comb it prior to a shower. It comes out like nutz while in the shower. It comes out again like nutz after the shower. 

I find it everywhere. 

I have no idea how I'm not completely bald already. 

I've been thinking about the kind of wig I'd want. I want blonde. I've been wanting to go back indeed for over a year. 

But I can't. 

Cause my hair has been falling out. 

Bleach will only amplify that. And then make me fall to the ground in a heap of tears and ugly red face. 

It's Meds and hormones and stress and blah, blah, blah. 

I just want my hair back. Should I glue it to my head?

I've also gained weight. I, and this is no joke, had a hole in the butt of my pants. My a$$ has busted through my pants. 

It would be great to say that I caught it prior to leaving for work. 



We were going up the stairs when Brad spotted the hole. 

After work. After eyeballs of stranger could have seen it. 

Pretty sweet, eh?



  1. Haha, I've lost most of my hair too. Almost everything went away when I was treated for aspergillios(sp).
    Some of it is actually growing back now............a year and a half later........
    Anne in Sweden

    1. Oh no, really? I had no idea aspergillius had that side effect. Glad to hear it's growing back! I'm going shopping for crazy glue today ;)

  2. I thought your hair looked great last week when we were at MSVU for Shinerama. I'm thrilled you're back at the blog. (no pressure!!). And...#Best#ever - #secondchanceatlife Love it !

    1. Donna - you're incredible. I loved meeting you and drawing from your strength and positivity. You're the reason I finally got back at the blog. Thank you!

  3. Glad to see you back at your blog......had me worried for quite a spell.....Hair....I lost mine due to illness and stress and lots of drugs used while trying to get well.I was devestated and shed many tears...yes I did.( silly me yes I cried ) I went out and bought a wig, so close to my hair color and style only my close friends knew it was not my hair.One thing nice about wearing a wig, is you never have a bad hair day when you are going out.When my hair grew back it was curly, what a difference I never owned a curl in my life. LOL had to learn how to do my hair all over, I used to wish for curly hair ( of course I never realized how much work it is) Sadly once again I notice the increased shedding.Am I going to wear a wig this time????? Perhaps if I am going somewhere special, I think this time I shall wear a scarf, there are so many beautiful scarves and hats out there.You will find a way to cope that is right for you.Don't let others try and influence your decision of what you will do..Next time someone says to you.." It's only hair it will grow back" say yes your're right....then take out the razor and say ..wanna join me???>>>LOL the looks you get will be just the laughter you need.Your true friends will continue to love or no hair...wig or no wig.....I wish you the best and I know this hair issue is a very difficult thing to deal with.....Stay strong you are a winner already and shall continue to be one

  4. Nice post! You are a true warrior and I admire you for your courage. And about your hair, don't worry about it, I am sure you are still as beautiful with or without it.