Wednesday, 10 September 2014

I'm alive. And kicking.

I deeply apologize. My last blog wasn't the most exciting - all about the gloomly rejection.  

Good news! I feel great. I finished up the dreaded prednisone burst just last week. 

Have I talked about that before? What prednisone does to you? Even on lower levels? 

It's gross. I became an eating machine. If your name was food, I was all over you. Chips. Let's talk about chips. A lot of people say they can't just eat one. The crusty-lunger I used to be was never like that. I had trouble getting through most meals. 

Chips. Oh chips - my enemy. I love you and I hate you. I love you because you are delicious. I hate you because I now eat the entire bag. 

Oops. Seems I got off track. 

That whole rejection thing didn't throw me off (well maybe a little - but let's keep that between you and I). I did the meds. My lung function is back where it should be and I'm concentrating on being healthy. least I'm trying. Carbs and calories - I hate you. 

The rest of the summer was super busy with the boys and baseball. Jake is actually playing a baseball tournament this weekend - he's awesome and has such a passion for the game. 

I got so caught up in regular life that I didn't update. I know some of you were worried and I really am sorry. I think sometimes I forget that people may still read this thing. That people are amazing and that they really care. 

Trust me guys - I wouldn't be this cool without you. 

I've definitely been struggling with some things. There are people I care about who are struggling with things, which makes me very sad and feel very helpless. 

I wish I could take sickness away from people. I realized the other day that this is how my loved ones felt about me when I was sick. I feel the helplessness. 

It sucks. 

On the flip side, I've been continuing with my talks, sharing my story. I've been fortunate to do a few with Shinerama. 

Super weird - I have the same outfit. 

At this moment, I'm in the blood lab. I am late going. Should have come over a week ago. I guess a part of me didn't want to get anymore bad news. BUT, that being revealed, I'm okay. I think things are going to be great. 

Well...they will be when I get some freaking coffee. 


  1. Happy and relieved that you are ok!!!!! Sending tons of positive thoughts your way :)

  2. So glad to read your post today! Was getting a little worried. Glad you are enjoying life.

  3. Jess, such great news, you're living life, LARGE!! Pants can be mended!! Take Care. Continued healing!

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