Saturday, 26 July 2014

You wanna go???

Here we go again. 

Seriously? Silly body. The chunkers are our friends. 

Let me back up...

Wednesday, July 23

CF clinic. I get weighed and whoa! I'm officially the heaviest I've ever weighed in my ENTIRE life. 126.6lbs

That's insane. I spent so many years fighting to gain weight. Fighting for an appetite. 

Now? I'm huge (In a really cool way) and can't get enough Bic Macs. Thanks Ronald. 

Then Erin, one of the nurses, brought in the spirometer. 

Looks kinda like this...

So I blew and I blew and I blew. I get all excited and can't wait to see the results. I like to win, in case you didn't know, and I want to beat my score from last time. 

After I blew so hard my guts were lying on the floor, I excitedly asked Erin, "Ok, how'd I do????"

"-----" came the response. 

This was my face:

Prett Hawt, no?

I dropped 10%. Ummmm, 'scuse me? There has to be a mistake. 

So I blew again. 

Same result. 

Impossible. What the hell is going on??

I was sent for X-rays. 

There are markings on my lungs. Not pneumonia. Doesn't look like infection. 

What could it be??

Remember that gross and scary word that I hate?

Hint: starts with an "R".

Doc upped my prednisone to 50mg (I was on 7.5) and prescribed an antibiotic. 

Thursday, July 24

I leave work early. We are headed to PEI. It's a big weekend! My bday, brad's dad, Ted's bday and Jake has a ball tournament. Jake is extremely talented btw. I was so excited to be able to watch the entire tournament. 

We're driving and the phone rings. 

It's my favorite nurse ever, Fran. Except the conversation wasn't my favorite ever.  

Turns out that after they spoke with the Toronto transplant team, it was decided that the 50mg of pred and the antibiotic just wasn't enough. 

I needed a blast of a heavy duty steroid because...

Based on my drop in lung function, my X-ray, my shortness of breath with activity as of late (oops did I forget to mention that?), my bronch in June showing grade 1 rejection - which I wasn't told, and the fact that two other individuals who attended the games were sick - this is likely that gross and scary word

Ew, right?

I have to admit something here. I argued. With Fran. About treatment. 

I said things like, "But it's my birthday. We have a big weekend planned jake has a ball tournament. Do you understand that it's my birthday?"

Yaaaaaa, who can say "juvenile"?

Once I screwed my head on straight, I realized that I really really really like my chunkers and I was a gigantic idiot. 

We turned around and I was dropped off. I kept Griff Griff and Jagger for company and they took Crosby. 

Two things happened that night that I need to mention. 

1. I saw a rainbow - obviously a good sign that rejection has messed with the wrong girl. 

2. I wanted to buy a scratch ticket for good luck. I purchased popcorn (yes, I make very healthy choices) and asked for the ticket. He asked me for ID. It was in the car. I asked him how old he thought I was. He said - 17. 

Hahahahahahahahha. Yup. I am 17. 

When I came back in with my ID he was tres surprised and gave me this explanation:

"We are trained to look for wrinkles. I looked. You don't have any."

Bless his sweet little freaking heart. 

Friday, July 25

I'm pretty sure you were all thinking this yesterday...

I woke, walked my boys and headed to the hospital with my awesome friend Kass. Love her. And honestly I can thank Brad. He called her up and asked her to keep an eye on me. He was worried. 

She picked me up a birthday coffee - ya baby - and we checked into the luxurious rapid assessment unit. 

She kept me company during my first run of "don't mess with me" steroids. 

Please don't judge. I obviously didn't give a crap that I resembled an animal waking up in the wild. But in all honesty, I didn't clean up that much more for the rest of the day. Oops. 

Afterward, I grabbed my boys and hit the road. We headed to mom and dad's. I spent the day with them and even cleaned out the car. 

Then we headed to town and I bought myself some sexy new kicks:

Then we went for Chinese. Turns out so did a bunch of my family. 


How awesome is that??? Mom and Dad are the best. Way to cheer me up. Thanks everyone for being there. It truly was awesome and meant so so much to me. 

The cake and ice cream weren't bad either. Annnnnd chocolate sauce. 

Anyway, it is now July 26th. I am back in the rapid assessment unit, hooked up to the super heavy duty monster steroid and, I believe, winning this battle. 

Hell yes I do!!


  1. hello there, remember me? OMG I am so bad not reading your blog for a while and now I read this? man you better get back on BBM so I can chat with you. actually as soon as you read this get on BBM I want to chat with you. miss you a lot as always. glad to hear about your appetite and weight gain but not happy about the "R" word.

  2. Sending positive thoughts and vibes your way! You will reject the rejection! :-)

  3. I have been checking daily, watching for updates.I am praying that you are okay.

  4. Just a note to let you know (even though we've never met) I think of you each day while you fight the good fight! Hope to hear good reports soon!

  5. I follow your blog regularly and am concerned about the lack of updates am praying that all is OK and that you are fighting this rejection take care do and here's hoping for an updated real soon :-)

  6. Hi, I'm a follower just checking in to see how you are doing. I hope you are so busy kicking rejection's butt that you haven't had time to update. Hope you are doing well!