Monday, 14 July 2014

GOLD 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

This is nutz!!!!!

19 months ago I could barely breathe to save my life. Literally. 

My body battled my crusty lungs every single second of every day. 

I would not even attempt walking across a crosswalk unless I had over 15 seconds on the timer. (Let's not forget that woman who was pissed at me for taking so long to cross with my oxygen tank.)

Saturday, I stood at the podium after my 100 metre race and a medal was placed around my neck. 

She's GoLd!!!!

I won two additional medals Saturday, for a grand total of: 

OMG! Unbelievable. This is all because of my donor. 

I'm supposed to be dead right now. My life was over. I was dying; my body deteriorating and my lungs completely falling apart. 

Now, I'm running and jumping and swinging rackets. 

Miraculous. That's what this is. 

I'm alive and I'm really and truly living. This is what organ donation has done for me. 

Here's the Canadian Transplant Games breakdown:

Photo by Pamela Hamilton

Marie-Eve owning table tennis.

Marie-Eve & Danny

Marie-Eve's Silver!!! 🏆

Linda, a fellow Nova Scotia organ grinder, and I watching Marie-Eve 

Sarah, from Transplantland, and I

The bathroom signage - cause it's hilarious

Gramps (Carman) ready for his 5k

Take off!

Crossing the finish line!

Trevor - also a Nova Scotia organ grinder


Trevor's gold 🏆

Gramps' Silver!!!  🏆

What was supposed to be our relay team - some freaking awesome people & all with new chunkers

Opening ceremonies


Post-3k road race

My brother Jason & his son, Logan

Jake & Logan

Taylor & Brad playing soccer



Logan & Andrew

Our lacrosse fans

Trevor, myself & our trainer

My 100m sprint gold!!! 🏆

Closing night Gala

Leaving campus - trying not to bawl my face off

Unbelievable week. Crazy cool and amazing. I miss all my lung buddies already. 

Thank you donor!


  1. How are things going now???? Hope you are feeling better! It's been a month since this update and I check your page almost daily so naturally I worry when I don't read updates. ;-) So sending positive vibes your way!