Monday, 2 June 2014


That's what I feel. 

It's what I've been feeling lately. 

No longer sure. Of me. Of things. 

I've been floating around in a daze. Stumbling along, not knowing which direction to go in. 

I wish there were signs (perhaps like road signs) that would pop up and be my own personal gps. Guiding me along the right path. Lighting up as I take step after step. 

I forget things. They are at my grasp...but then float away. Zig zagging so that I can't catch, nor hold on. 

I feel as though I'm in an alternate world. Ungrounded; my toolbox of sanity and reality lost. 

I wish there was a pool of clarity I could visit. I would step right up, stare in the water...and it would circulate, spinning around and around. It would launch straight up and explode like magic. Finally, tiny droplets would fall back to earth. 

Then a vision would appear. 

And I would know. 

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