Monday, 9 June 2014

1.5 years

Back in Toronto for my assessment. 

Landed yesterday. Red is with me. 

We managed to find a restaurant - weird, I know - and then saw "The Fault Of Our Stars". 


There were sounds coming out of Red that I've never heard before. 

Honestly though, it was rough. It took me back to the land of oxygen and crusty lungs. 

However, it succeeded in reminding me of what I want in this life. Who I want to be. What I want to do. 

Life's too short to waste. It's too short to not follow your passion. 

This morning, we wake up to eyelids made of cement. 

It's been a long time since I've had a hangover, but wow I remember that feeling. So tired. Eyeballs sore. Wanting to pluck them out, shove them in a freezer for a little chill and plop them back in. 

Fresh eyeballs.

And the under eye area. Ugh. Sore. Sore from constantly wiping my eyes. 

Finally we were ready to head to TGH. We got there about 7:20pm. Blood was first. Except the blood lab peeps forgot they had a job to do...and were 20 minutes late realizing they were running a blood lab and had to, you know, stick people with needles and suck their blood out. 

Silver lining is all the transplanted chunkers we got to talk to. Met a couple that lives maybe 10 minutes from us at home. Didn't know them. But they are awesome. 

New chunker friends!!!

Next was CT scan and x-Ray. Apparently, my chunkers are beauts. Plus, I'm really good at radiation activities. 

Got to hang out withy buddy Shilpa, who is two months ahead of me with new 

Pfts were next. Wow. OMG. Crazzzzy! 103%. I'm on fire! I huff and I puff and I huff and I puff and I huff...

I am very good at breathing. 

6 minute walk test was after lunch. My goal was to beat my last test. 

Well, did I ever do that. I was flying. Whipping up and down that hallway (which I pretended was a race track), taking people out left and right. 

Trick is to wear ear buds and listen to pumped up kicks. A wise woman told me that once - thank you Sandra, real estate goddess!

Last test I totaled 660 metres. 



Don't be jealous. 


I did...


Did you even hear me??



Yup, insanity. 

Next, I had clinic. Overall, everything is fantastic. I brought up my memory loss and complete lack of concentration. I feel, and don't mean to belittle this issue, practically pre-dementia. 

It's hard. 

I'm in a daze. A funk. A daze. A funky daze. 

Thankfully, they are listening. They're going to hook me up with neurology. Dig through my brain and stuff. 

Figure out why I'm going nutballz. 

I also explained that I'm rapidly loosing hair. Let's just prepare ourselves for a wig. I'm thinking that direction. It's bad. I've already chopped a bunch off. But. It. Keeps. Falling. 

Tonight, after walking all over the city, red and I got to visit my park friends. My Toronto family. I miss them so much. I just want to wrap them in a blanket and shove them in my suitcase. 

Except they would likely pass away from lack of oxygen. Oh and also the airline would likely not allow them on board via suitcase. 

That plan is screwed. 

Tomorrow is bronch...Let's kick it. 


  1. WOW 1.5 years! So glad to hear things are going well and I hope that the neurology people can help you feel like yourself again soon. All the best! Amanda Ward

  2. Wow! Glad to hear you are doing so well Jess! Good luck on the bronch!! :)