Friday, 23 May 2014

Playing Catch Up

It's embarrassing how long it's been since I've posted. How bad am I? Letting life get in the way of my true passion - spewing nonsense for you all to laugh at. 

I've been busy with work and training. We train every Wedneaday night and holy chunkers - it's intense. For example, this week we did sprints. Lots of 'em. 

Here's the breakdown:


That first sprint was awesome. Easy. Felt like a beast. 

By the third or fourth, I felt my legs go wobbly and threaten to collapse, burying my face in the track. 

By the end I was trying to dig deep but couldn't find the shovel. 

It was harrrrd. 

The good news is that in the transplant games I only run the once. 100m once. The relay is another 100m but at another event. 

The 3k road race I'm signed up for is nutz. BUT, I don't have to sprint my way through.  I will pace myself. And dream about Doritos waiting at the finish line. 

And Big Macs. 

The other day when I was running - okay jogging, I had to remind myself that I had shiny beautiful chunkers and that I could breath.  

I had a moment where the air was slim and I was almost gasping for it. It's a sharp reminder of life with the crusties. 


Crusties - you ain't wanted around here. 

I'm also up to 10 girl push-ups. So proud. My muscles are huge. I should really enter some sort of amazing person who does girl push-ups competition. 

Brad has been away off and on for business, which leaves me along with my furry boys. It's a bit harder to deal with three furries by myself. It definitely gets done, but takes longer - ie. walks. 

They make me feel so safe though. Before, when it was just the g-man, and Crosby and Jagger weren't around, I would be a freaking ridiculous mess. Looking in closets, under beds, in the shower. Lights on outside all over the place. Triple checking the locks. 

But Crosby is the dawg. No one would mess with him. He is a gentle giant BUT would absolutely kick a$$ if required.  

Oh, also I am a beast, right? Therefore I would just karate chop the bad guys. Simple. Good to have a plan. 

The lotto tree fundraiser went extremely well! We raised $660 - or around that. So impressed. Now that we've done it once, next year's total will be even more substantial. 

The CF walk is this Sunday. I'm on the bus, and after transfering to my car, will be on my way to pick up our too cool for school t-shirts. 

My sister-in-law's mom designed them. She did a fantastical job. I'm psyched to see my team in them.  

The boys will be home from Africa soon. Can't wait to have a fabulous summer. 

In other news, I've been booked to speak at a local university's shine day. Shine day is the kick off for Shinerama - hen h iversities raise boatloads of dollars for CF.

After a break.....

After tucking and rolling my way off thie bus - I got the shirts!!!!

First photo is the front:

WoW!!!!! In love!!!

Have an incredible weekend and register to be an organ donor if you haven't already done so!!!

Amazing job Linda!!!! You will become a popular, extremely sought-after t-shirt designer now!!!!!

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