Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my fabulous mama. What would I do without her?

Well, number one - I wouldn't be alive (as in, never born).

And number two - I may not be alive (as in, never making it to the transplant list).

My mom is quite the little fighter. When she believes in something, when there's something she wants - especially for her children, watch out. It will likely happen. 

Years ago when transplant was brought up, aside from crying my eyeballs off, I had a lot of chats with mom. 

She also cried her eyeballs off. 

But more importantly, she started scheming. She was determined that I go to Toronto and be listed. That I could afford to go, afford to stay and afford to go back when needed. 

She did it. 

With the help from a lot of her friends, my friends, the community and even strangers. 

I can never repay what was done for me. 

I can only hope that my mom knows just how much she means to me and how much I love her. 

I love life. 

Mom fought for me to keep living. 

I'm alive. 

That all equals an amazingly good time. 

Thank you mom. Thank you for being you. Thank you for fighting for me and not stopping until you knew enough had been done. 

Thank you for giving up 2 months of your life to live with me in Toronto. 

I love you. 

Thanks to Bonnie, Heather and June for putting their lives on hold to come haul my oxygen, wheel chair and traveling drug store around the mean streets of Toronto. You are all moms and you are all a mom to me. I love you guys.  

Happy Mother's Day to all moms reading this. 

You're all important and you all deserve to have an amazing day. 

 Do realize that I wrote this at the end if the day. So what I should be saying is "I hope you all HAD and amazing day."

Happy Doritos to you all!


  1. That was a lovely post and hats off to you Carla for all that you did for Jessica. you were the person to get this done and to let her now live a new life. it was wonderful wheeling around TO with Bonnie struggling to get that chair over the street car tracks , BUT she did it. Bonnie could go off roading with that wheelchair like no ones business. she had no idea how wonderful "Archie" was to you.

  2. Mums are indeed the best. The woman responsible for bringing us to this world, and the one who's sure to fight for your existence. This is such a wonderful tribute to your mom. My thoughts are you with and your mom.