Friday, 11 April 2014

Tissues, Bones and Valves...

The Tissue Bank.
Why did I want to go there? 
There are lots of reasons. I wanted to be more educated on tissue donation. I wanted to meet the people behind the scenes. I wanted them to see the result of donation. I wanted to tell them how important their work is.

Also, having the pictures developed from my surgery ignited my curiosity. (I'd post those, but they'd be sliiiiightly disturbing to some readers - unless looking at shrivelled up, nearly unrecognizable crusties is your thing.)
Organs are not the only things donated. Unfortunately, there's very little known and discussed about organ donation. But that is nothing compared to tissue donation
Just how important is tissue donation? 
Here are a few life changing and/or life saving examples:
Corneas give the gift of sight
Bones are used in orthopedic procedures and to help cancer patients.
Tendons can help people walk again.
Skin helps
burn victims. 
Heart valves
save lives.
I've only touched on a bit of what tissue donation is about. Want to know more? Check them out here.
Organ donation, blood donation, tissue donation. I've had two out of three. Without them...I don't even want to imagine.
Thank you Tara! Thanks to the staff at the tissue bank for showing me what they do.

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