Thursday, 10 April 2014

"The Alarm Clock"

Brad's alarm.


If I had a very large hammer I would have smashed his phone (I have nothing against his phone - but his alarm is his phone). Or, I guess I could have just chucked it out the window.
His alarm went off at 5:40. However, there's this thing called snooze. The Snooze button is not your friend. Nor is it the friend of anyone around you who is enjoying a deep and beautiful sleep full of fantastical dreams.

The Snooze button is in fact your worst nightmare. It is narsty

Unless of course you enjoy hearing "Beeeeeep beeeeeeep beeeeeeep beeeeep" every 9 minutes. Or whatever it is.

The sound of an alarm is enough to drive any rational individual crazy. It makes my heart pound so fast I'm scared it's going to pound itself right out (and that would suck cause I've kinda already had my chest ripped open). 

My alarm was not due to go of until 6:30 (the difference is that my alarm is set to a really cool sound that wakes you up happy - or as happy as you can be upon waking before you're ready). Let's review.

Brads alarm - 5:40. Mine 6:30. 
Brad hits snooze 15 cagillion times. 
Jess is awake at 5:40.


Solution: Hire Mario to break in through the window and take care of it   ----------->

It turned into a jam-packed fabulous day. After grabbing my much needed coffee, I met my friend Tara at the Tissue Bank. 

Holy wow. Incredible. I learned a lot. The tissue bank in Halifax is the largest in the country! Crazy. That's pretty cool.

BUT, I'm going to tell you all about it in a separate entry. Just hold your breath.

Afterward, Tara and I downed coffee before heading off to the "media event."

I've joined a group called "The Organ Grinders." Check us out here. We are transplant recipients who want to be crazy healthy and are training together with some pretty cool trainers. We are also preparing for the transplant games happening in July this year in Moncton, NB.

Man, I'm adorable.
Yesterday we met for the first time and CBC news was there to capture it.

We quickly got in to some exercises and today I'm trying not to cry as I crawl up the stairs. We skipped - yup, skipped. Haven't done that in awhile. I was certain that the rope would wrap itself around my body and throw me to the ground in a shrivelling heap. However, I survived it. And I think I'm a pretty sweet skipper. I can jump and avoid contact with that rope like nobody's business. Cause you know, 30 seconds is a crazy long time.
We also did the beloved squats (shout out to my Squat Squad!!!!) and some mountain climbers. I believe I did okay with those. I actually liked those. Watching myself on the news do them, however, I realized that I don't look exactly athletic while doing them; I look more like a four-legged insect attempting break dancing.

During our workout/interview, a fabulous group of teenagers walked by. I didn't see them at first. What I heard was a whizzzzzzzz, followed by a McDonald's pop exploding on the pavement in the middle of our group.

Pretty awesome, eh? Obviously, they think eating at McDonald's is cooler than working out. Well, I do love myself a Big Mac....don't tell my trainers!!!

Tara was adorable. And super tough. With a very stern look on her face, she screamed, "apologize right now!"

I'm certain they at least considered it.

Next, I headed to CF clinic.
All is great! Lung function was down, but I'm positive it's their machine, as my chunkers are fantastical. I could likely go all wolf-like and blow a house down.
I have breathing tests at the actual lab on Tuesday, so I'll just blow their machine through the wall to prove that my chunkers ARE fantastical...cause I'm cool like that.

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