Monday, 3 February 2014

Weekend pass

I had a weekend pass. 

You don't realize how much home means to you until you're away for awhile. 

I missed relaxing on my couch. Watching tv with Brad. Petting my furry boys and watching them wrestle. 

I love being home. Sleeping in my own bed. 

I got out Saturday evening and came back this morning. Best part was seeing my brother and his family yesterday. 

As far as my health: I've been better. 

My energy is still out of reach. Desperately, I search. Under couches. In cabinets. In the backyard. 

Nope. It doesn't show up. The search continues. 

I'm just waiting to see my doc today. See if I'm being let out of this hotel. 

I can get all the rest in the world at home. Surrounded by puppy dog eyes and the rest of my world. 


  1. i cannot imagine how you are feeling now. you did your time with hospital stays and hoping it was over. you were very mature having that biopsy done and yes it totally was so you taking a photo of that. yuck!!! you totally are brave . now concentrate on getting better and you will be home before you know it. xoxoxo

  2. there's no place like home
    there's no place like home
    Keep calm
    click your heels together!

    Get well, get discharged, be home! like you can, now, like you can...

  3. hi Pamela, I miss you too and I miss hearing stories about you and Carmen. I hope life is good for you both and I bet you are thrilled to be home now.

    oh ya Jessica this is your blog right? I need to be talking to you now. hope you are going to be home soon to see those fury babies.

    1. You both made me laugh, so thank you. I miss you both; you should both come on over for coffee