Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Bolt

I did tread today. I did 16 minutes. I'm amazing. 

I managed to do 8 mins at 1.8 and 8 mins at 1.2. The entire time I had to hang on to the side and really concentrate to prevent my body from flinging off and shooting across the room. 

Even though my energy was low this morning, when the physiotherapist came to my door and asked if I wanted to give it a go, I jumped on it. I wanted to know what I could do. 

I'm practically Usain Bolt.  

The results of one of my blood tests didn't come back yet, plus they want to do a CT scan of my guts, so I'm here until tomorrow. 

I've been having crazy stomach pain. It started after I ate Brad's ice cream birthday cake. So, it's likely his fault. 

Gawd, the cake was delicious. But now I'm afraid to eat any simple carbs. Scared I'll get sick. Although, this pain isn't discriminating.  It's just there. Anything I eat. It's there. All night long. It's there. 
However, Brad bought me a heating pad when I had those evil back spasms, so it sleeps with me every night.

Don't knock the power of heat. 

I've also been swishing with this mouthwash they gave me. Swishing every hour. Numbs the canker. Makes my life much easier. Thank you Jesus for numbing stuff. 

I have every reason to believe that I'll go home tomorrow. 

Home to these boys:


  1. well tomorrow sounds like it is going to be home day for you. going home to see those furry babies and of course Brad too. hope all went well with the scan. here's to tomorrow.

    1. Hope you are feeling better and are home tomorrow.