Saturday, 1 February 2014

Happy Birthday to my Brad

Today I woke with another fever. However, I had more energy than yesterday. After the shower (did I mention you have to hold the shower head with one hand or else the stream heads directly into the wall?) I had all intentions of making myself have energy to be productive. 

Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. 

Lindsay came early, bringing birthday cake for Brad since I couldn't get it myself. Thanks Linds!

I was struggling with my energy when a few events unfolded. End result - I'm taking a tiny break from work. Just until I'm healthy again. My work is fantastic and so understanding. I couldn't ask for better support. 

In even more exciting news - the biopsy was done today! I was terrified to have a needle driven into my face, so one of the docs held my hand. 

Wow. I sound really mature.  

Then the doc started digging around and ripped two pieces out of my mouth. 

I wouldn't be me if I didn't snap a picture:

Gross, huh? 

The entire time he was digging around in there with his tools, I was thinking of torture movies. Why? I can't help where my mind goes. It was horrible. My thoughts, I mean. The procedure itself wasn't that bad. Not really. 

In 1-2 weeks they will have results. 

I tried to get out today, but as I had another fever, I am remanded to hospital custody. 

However! I was allowed a pass. I was able to go home. Spend time outside of this gleeful environment with Brad. See my furry boys. Their beautiful faces questioning where I've been. 

Spent time with friends. Played games. Let Brad win... It is his birthday after all. Haven't been able to get him a present yet, so I helped his ego by making him feel like a winner.

 Love you, Brad. 

Happy Birthday. 


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon,its groundhog day tomorrow (Sunday) so you have to be home to tell the grounhog not to see his shadow or more winter weather.hahahahah
    You are on my mind at all times,not much else in my mind so it might as well be you hahahahah
    Love you June

    1. Well, I didn't get out to talk to that ground hog, but I had a great day with Brad :)

  2. So glad that Brad received just the gift he was hoping @ home for his birthday! Even if it was just for a short visit...
    Keep calm
    and do Squats