Saturday, 22 February 2014

Overnight Pass

I'm home; for the night. 

They gave me an overnight pass; I'm not out for good yet, but I can tell you it's heaven. 

I stood in the shower for 2 years, just loving the hot water and being in my own shower.  I'm relaxing with my furry boys and just enjoying the peacefulness of being home. 

So, what's been happening?

Yesterday I had a great day. Low energy, but felt pretty good. Had some great company, which always helps. Tired after they left and by the time Brad came (with a whopper) I was exhausted again. But so was he. Which was cool cause we just both acted like zombies. But together. 

I had an interesting night. You know those people that chew on arms for fun?  My arms felt like those people were chewing on me for fun. 

Seems that my left arm, where they attempted to shove the picc in (7 times) and my right arm, where they were successful, are both hating on me. They are sooooo sore. I couldn't straighten them, couldn't put pressure on them and couldn't raise them. They are red and extremely tender. 

Doc checked it out today. He's concerned that they could be infected; hence no discharge. He agreed to give me an overnight pass. Gave me antibiotics and strict orders to come back early if I get a fever. 

Anything over 37.5 is considered an issue. Thankfully, I was 37.1 this morning and was able to leave. 

It took me a bit though. Again my body felt like it had been used as a Ping pong ball and all I could do is lay there. Luckily, I had Lindsay. She even brought me coffee. 

All we could do is tell lies and stare at each other until I had enough energy to attempt to walk to the car. 

But I made it. I'm home. I'm happy. I'm sprawled on the couch, remote in hand - criminal minds marathon!! 

I worry that I'm not better. I definitely don't have energy. That takes time. It just seems that as soon as I stop IVs I go downhill. 

Anyone have a bunch of IVs I could stockpile at home? Anyone want to be my at home nurse? 

Must haves: be entertaining and find me entertaining. 

The best thing is that I am home tonight. I am thinking McDonalds. Big Mac. 

Come on.  I'm not the only one that's shoving Big Macs down the throat every 5 minutes. 

What is wrong with me? I can they enough Big Macs. 

I may turn into a Big Mac. That's be pretty sexy. A walking Big Mac. 

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  1. so glad to hear you are home even for just a night , to sleep in your own bed, to be with Brad and those furry babies of yours. Thinking about you all the time and wish you speedy recovery . be patient and it will all be good. I hope you are going to watch hockey tomorrow morning. we need a cheerleader with some good lungs to scream at that TV . I want to hear you all the here in TO. miss your face.