Thursday, 20 February 2014


IF I remain temperature free - well, I should say high-temperature free, since all of our bodies have A temperature - I get to leave this hotel on Saturday!!!!!!

I had more energy today. I didn't want to pass out every 15 minutes.

I had great visitors today. Great conversations. One of those visitors had his chest ripped open and new-to-him chunkers thrown in SEVEN years ago. Let the awesomeness of that drip over you. 

A cleaner actually cleaned my room today. Like, really cleaned. With a mop and everything.

See? So much greatness, it's ridonculous.

I have realized that I haven't had my priorities in order. I've been too focused on things that just aren't as important as other things. Brad and the boys (human and furry) are my number one. My family. My friends. My health. I need to listen to my body and accept that it knows best. If I need to shove my body onto the couch and cleanse my mind of any stress, than I need to do it. I need to stop pushing myself. Stop thinking I'm going to be this unstoppable force.

I need to learn meditation.

In all honesty, it's the cinemas that really allow me to detox. So, I should likely purchase a theatre. Yup, I will.

So, to ensure that I keep my priorities in order, I got this:

Life itself. That is what's important. Without life, you are dead. See how smart I am?

Somewhere along this post-transplant ride, I forgot what's really important. So, let's just all hold hands and dance in circles and stuff. Isn't that what you're supposed to do? Sing songs and smile all over the place?

Well, while I'm waiting for you all to come over....

I'll be spending some time with this deliciousness:

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