Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Blood work & Baths

I'm walking around. My eyes have stayed open beyond the halfway point. My energy has been decent. No fever. 

What more can a girl want?

Today, I will admit, has been tougher. My energy is retracting. My eyelids are a bit droopy. I haven't bothered with face paint (otherwise known as makeup) as I would likely just rub the stuff off, as I'm rubbing and slapping my face all day in an attempt to stay alert. 

Brad's parents are visiting. And spoiling. Judy makes fantastical food that easily slides down my throat. 

I came home from blood work today and both were scrubbing up a storm and dancing to Lady Gaga. 


The Lady Gaga part isn't true. But it should be. Everyone should take time out of their day to dance to her. If you can't dance, than at least shake your face. 

Thanks guys for cleaning my house. My energy and I love you. 

Shortly after coming home I had a short "cat" nap with my furry boys. It was beautiful. Then I threw their bodies into the bathtub. 

They really love me now. 

Like, really. Wrote me love letters and everything. Went something like this, "Thanks mom for dumping my hairy self in the tub, soaking me with water, pouring disgusting stuff all over me and letting me shake it all off in your face." 

There are beautiful moments like these happening all the time in our house. 

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  1. you sound much better than you did last week, that is something positive. so glad Brad's parents are there for you and helping you out. now you can get some sleep and try to get your energy back. missing your face.