Friday, 28 February 2014

My Heart & These

A few things I love (in random order):

Brad - my tall dark and handsome. Never once thought about running from my health issues. Always makes me laugh. Gave me a family and love forever. 

Nail Polish - cause it's pretty. Express yo self. 

Brad's boys - Kids in my life I never thought I'd have. They are awesome and cool and my family. 

Coffee - this is a no brainer. Don't forget the hazelnut!

My surgeon - the precision and care he put into saving my life. One word: WoW

Chips - I crave. Oh, do I crave. 

Life - I want to live. I want to live a long, happy and crazy life. Throw whatever you want at me. I got guns. <----muscles

Skinny jeans - 100 times better than regular ones.

My furry boys - Just looking at them makes my heart hurt. In a good way. 

Driving - I shoulda been a truck driver. Beep freaking beep. (I did back one up once.)

Inspiration - I find it in so many things. TV, my family, my friends, my dogs and you. 

The movies - sitting in the theatre is the one thing that can turn my mind blank, allowing me to focus on that screen and forget everything. 

My 2012 chunkers - Nothing can prepare you for the miracle of breathing. 

Writing - Now I just need to find a beach house and lots of sunshine and java. 

Skittles - love rainbows

My family - The Carvers are crazy. I'm so lucky. Brad's is equally as awesome. 

Christmas - my favorite holiday. I soak up the entire season and it invades my soul with happiness. 

My education - despite all the bars and max cat doing my papers.

Sarcasm - is me

Coca-cola - even those it's evil. 

Las Vegas - I wannnnnna go back. Fantasy freaking land. 

NBA - they wish they could dunk like me

My friends - who else would help me make fun of myself?

My donor - whomever you are...I'm in love with you and your decision. You saved my life. You are my hero. I want to be just like you. I love our chunkers. 

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