Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Lasagna, cheesecake & the black hole

I woke up today with energy. Which is always awesome. I dragged myself into the sparkling clean, not at all gross, shower here and then started work. 

Did I mention that I'm working from the hospital? Also, did I mention how hard it is to work from the hospital? Very distracting with IV's, blood work, nurses, doctors and stuff. 

Although, working at home (which I was doing for a couple of days pre-lockup), I also was distracted. By Jagger wanting my attention. Why doesn't he understand that mommy can't hold him and work at the same time? Well...not effectively. 

So I was more productive today than I have been, due to not feeling like throwing myself back in bed and turning on my heartingpad (thanks Brad - I love my new heating pad). 

We changed the dressing on my black hole. It's looking pretty sexy now: 

I also learned tha my white blood cell count is higher. Fabulous! They've reduced one of my antibiotics and stopped the injections. Now we wait to see if the cells stay up. 

I'm optimistic that I'll be out by the weekend. Brad's birthday is Friday, so please cross your fingers, toes and eyeballs that I'll break out.   

I want to remind you that the hospital is not all bad. Interesting things happen here. Things involving other patients. Things involving the staff. Things involving visitors. 

We had visitors last night. Kass and Greg. They brought homemade lasagna and my favorite thing in the whole world. Something I would karate chop someone in the shins for: 

Cheesecake. Double caramel cheesecake.  

Thanks guys. You made my night!

In other news, these are my doctor's socks. He had cool ones on today too. I'm impressed. You can definitely tell if a doctor is any good by the socks. Serious advice. You're welcome.


  1. yummy the lasagna looks great and so do you. good to hear things are looking up. keep smiling. xoxoxo

  2. :) <----------------- That's me smiling!