Sunday, 26 January 2014

Anybody need a tube?

 I have had a great weekend and a horrible weekend. 

Back spasms have been introduced to my life and they radiate down my legs. I'm useless to do anything and am left whimpering like a cat, with tears streaming down my face. 

4am was my bed time the other night. It was only then that the pain was starting to subside. 

Back X-ray didn't show anything serious, so we are assuming its purely a muscle issue. 

I need to stop sitting on my bed to work. Hunch back I will be.  

Today I had more awesome visitors. Lindsay brought me a tall blonde (Starbucks) this morning. I had just buttered my toast when a porter came to take me to X-ray. Sweet sweet timing. But dude was cool. Except for all the drug talk. And I don't mean my drugs. 

I saw a fabulous doctor on the way. She told me she was coming to rip out my feeding tube!! I fell in love with her that second. 

I had to go for xray first. I had all intentions to eat breakfast when I came back, however all I could think about was the damn tube. And the fact that it would burn the hell out of me as she yanked it out. 

I was giving pain and anxiety meds. 

I was ready. Eye of the tiger, right Katy?

*god that song drives me bonkers*

Brad held my hand while Lindsay watched, her eyes full of concern. 

I was so worked up.  So scared. It was ridiculous. 

She approached. Took out the tool required to yank it out. Told me it would hurt. Bent down...

2 seconds later. 

That was it?

Oh MY GoD!!!!!  Feeding tube free suckers!!!!!!!!


Tube freeeeeeeeeeeee!

Tube free - black hole. 

I've been told it'll close in a couple of days. 

I've been waiting a year for this. It feels so surreal. 

I still have does of these meds screeching around my body. Maybe I shouldn't have posted that. 

Oh well. 

It's part of the story. 

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  1. Tubeless Wonder! Yeah
    All is not lost, you've figured out that posture is going to keep on hurting some squats, sit in a chair to use the laptop and call me in the morning...

  2. yay! That is great you got your tube out!
    Hope you are feeling better, my HR inspiration!

    1. We should celebrate - my tube out and your graduation - this spring!!!

  3. Hope you are feeling better and can get out of there soon.Take care love you june

    1. Thanks June! Miss you and love you too :)

  4. Wow. Never seen that type of tube before. Mine was an actual tube sticking out. I still have the scar. Ugh!

    Feel better soon!

    1. I can't imagine a tube sticking out more than mine did. I'm cool with scars. Just happy the thing has been pulled :)

  5. glad you are feeling better. yay no more tube. miss you terribly. xoxoxoxo

  6. Back spasms = hell! Praying for you, girlie. :-)