Saturday, 30 November 2013

I'm alive

I'm alive. I'm healthy. I'm happy. 

One year ago I was fighting a losing battle against cystic fibrosis. I was strapped to sexy oxygen tubing 24 hours/day. I was hustling around in a wheelchair (and let's not forget the oh-so-popular Archie). I was dependent on a support person for help with practically everything outside of a bubble bath. 

Today I'm busy back at work, chasing after my crazy dogs, prepping for the holidays and reflecting - a lot of reflecting. 

Also, I'm busy still winning at cards and board games. Did you doubt that? I doubt it. 

I'm just as in love with my transplant friends as I ever was. I miss them daily and think about them always. Some are flying high, while some have had unbelievable and unfair struggles. 

I know too many who have fought too hard. It's time for them to be rewarded. Time for them to get a break and be healthy. Relax, breathe, live and not fight. 

I'm so lucky. I know that. I feel amazing (although that Zumba party last night made me realize I am not quite as amazing as I thought - do you really know how much you have to shake it????)

I'm coming up on my one year. It's time to write to my donor. I feel ready. 

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