Wednesday, 25 September 2013

9 month assessment

I'm sitting in the Ottawa airport; this was our stop over from Toronto to Halifax. Except we didn't merely touch down, shove some passengers off and throw some new ones on. 

Nope. Our flight has been delayed.

Engine problems. Ewww.  

I should be ecstatic. We won't be soaring around in the air to inevitably plunge to our death. 


No, I will sit here with a gigantic radonculous grin on my face knowing we will take off with a sparkly (I like to think it's sparkly) and healthy engine.

Brad and I have just come from my 9 month assessment. I tore a strip off the lung function machine. 102% thanks. 'Cept I failed one of the breathing tests. Well, not really failed....but a gigantic, stupid and highly obnoxious red X appeared on the screen for one of them. I had to repeat the damn test 5 times. I was all ready to brag, but each freaking time that ugly red (and that's not fair cause I clearly adore red) X was shoved in my face. 

Whatever. Let's come back to the 102%, shall we? 

Whoooooofreakinhooooooo!!!! Man I'm healthy. 

Everything went well. I now get to take two less pills a day, shame though - these were pretty pink ones.  

We had a blast. Got to hang out with our park friends and take part in some Elvis trivia (I barely know a thing about Elvis apart from Blue Suede Shoes and such) and I learned some things when Brad and I saw cirque du soleil Elvis in Las Vegas. 

Saw a few lung friends; man I love my lung friends. They remind me of how grateful I am and how much I enjoyed my experience in Toronto. Plus they're fun as h*##. 

Oh gots to go! Our new shiny-engined plane is ready!!!!


  1. it was so great to see you on Sunday. you look absolutely wonderful , has anyone ever told you that? glad all your tests went well . will see you in Dec. and hard to believe a year will have passed . feel great and as always miss you . xoxoxoxo

  2. I guess less updates means your too busy living your life!! Woooo hoooo!

  3. I am so glad that your health is finally allowing you to live a happy normal life.A lot of people have followed you from your lowest point to the present.I am sure with such a new active life it must be hard to take the time to drop a update on how you are doing but those of us who have followed you for so long would appreciate even a one liner ,even once a month to know that you are still doing ok.It feels like we were there to share the bad times, giving you all the support that we could and then we were suddenly dropped.Only feel this way because I/we have no way of knowing that life is still progressing in a positive way for you and believe it or not a lot of people still care very much about you.

  4. Where have you been?!?! Update needed! :-)

  5. No news is good news, right? ;)