Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Today was Shine Day at Saint Mary's University.

Shine Day is the kickoff to Shinerama.

Shinerama is Canada’s largest post-secondary school fundraiser and has raised more than $21.5 million for cystic fibrosis research.

Satz a lotta dolla billz.

They do all kinds of different fundraisers throughout the summer and on Shine Day they go out and raise some more. Today was extra special, as it was craptastical outside (pouring rain), yet the turnout was awesome and they looked ready to attack.

I arrived early enough to score a parking spot close to the university (yes, I can walk, but do you know what rain and humidity do to curly hair??) and guzzle a bucket of coffee before going on stage.

I did my thing. I tried hard to get through to them; to jab at their hearts and motivate them to raise huge dollars for the 4000 Canadians with CF.

And of course throw in a pitch for organ donation as well, duh.

BTW - recycle!!! Can't take them with yous!

Every time I do a talk I feel more and more comfortable. Maybe next time I'll throw a song and dance in - cause you know, I'm really good and those things. Well...I'm sure my mom would say I am. Mom?

Shinerama is happening across Canada this week. If you see them out there, please donate. It's incredible how much this fundraising event helps in the fight against CF. Last year over $1 million was raised. This fundraiser has a severe impact on improving the lives of cystics, while bringing us another step closer to a cure.

If you aren't in a location to spot these awesome freshmen, don't worry: you can donate online here: EMPTY YOUR POCKETS/LOOK UNDER YOUR COUCH CUSHIONS!!!

At the end of the kickoff this morning, an evil CF villian came out into the crowd. Scary, right?

But the day was saved when this superhero came out and kicked its crusty butt:

What, not scary enough? How's this:

Thanks SMU for having me! I'll team up with this guy any day to karate chop CF right in the face.