Saturday, 31 August 2013

Pancakes and Baby

What's better than being woken by two killer dogs (sorry, couldn't help myself - refer to past post, titled "A Killer Puppy?") staring you in the face, ready to pounce with lots of kisses?

I'm getting used to this up at the crack of dawn thing. It's Saturday...people are supposed to get luxurious sleep on weekends, no?

Not this girl. Nope. Jagger and the G-man had other plans. Which is fine, I'm very attractive first thing in the morning, so it's really for everyone's benefit that I go out into the world. 

Yup, this would be me ------------------->

I'm very excited to announce the arrival of my nephew, Logan. He decided to finally (can you say late??) enter the world last weekend.

I really need to have a talk with that boy. Doesn't he realize that I was out here waiting for him? Rude.

We spent the night at the hospital. The beauty of hospitals are the waiting room chairs. I'm sure you'd agree. They are extremely comfortable and inviting. You sink down and never want to get up. can't get up as your muscles are kinked and every move you make brings on severe pain.

Sleeping in said hospital chairs is fantastic. I believe I could now be considered a contortionist. I slept in every position possible, including the sitting-up-right-with-head-hanging-so-low-it-might-as-well-be-in-lap position.

The best part however, was breakfast. We decided to head to the Big Stop (at a gas station) at 6AM as we were starving. I ordered pancakes. Let me put it out there that I love pancakes. They are delicious; but it's really all about the syrup if we're being honest.

So, how can I describe my pancakes that morning?

Oh, I know.

Here's what I had to use to cut them:

I hate being that person that complains, but I actually had no choice. I was concerned for my teeth.

She came back with new ones. This time I was able to use a knife, but OMG seriously. It's not that hard to make pancakes. I have no idea what went wrong.

It's tragic. Let's take a moment.


Ok. I think I can put it behind me.

My nephew, right. He's gorgeous. But...isn't it strange that he can't talk? I think there may be a problem...

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