Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Good news to report:

I rather like that number. It is pretty impressive. It garners a second glance.

Well, that's my lung function. Yaaaaa babeeee.

In two weeks, when I go back to the lab, I expect to blow at least 100%. Nothing less. Nothing...hell, yes more. Please. I'll take 101 or 102 or 103 or or or....

I'm very happy with my number. I'm happy that I've regained some of the function I lost with that cold. I'm confident I'll gain it all back; these things just take time.

I'm such a bad blogger lately. I admit it. I need detention or a time out or something else as equally awful. I guess I'm just busy living life.

Last weekend for example, Brad, the boys and I went to PEI (where Brad's from). It was a great weekend. Except for Saturday. Saturday I missed out on all the fun. No bowling for me. Nope, I was busy.

Two of the three boys had a 24 hour bug/flu thing. Well, being immune-suppressed, it found me too.  Sleep was my only reprieve. But, the best thing is that it only lasted for one day and I was good again.

******fingers crossed it's gone from this house******* 

It was our first long trip in our big white monster van. couldn't have been better -  all humans and canines fit and there was no punching of any faces.

I have my dates for my 6 month assessment. I'll be heading back to Toronto in June. I can't wait to get the all clear from my docs so I can A) have peace of mind and B) get my butt back to work.

So excited to start being productive again. I dropped into work today for a couple of hours and felt like I was at home. It will be even more exciting to see how I drag my lazy self out of bed every morning and actually make it to the office.

Then I will feel normal again. No more disability. No more being off while the rest of the world is at work.

I can join everyone else who begs for a day off to lay in bed and have no responsibility and nothing to do.

Good times!


  1. AWESOME!!! Freaking awesome... That is all.

    Love, Steve

  2. 96 is good, very good. I am sure the tests and reports when you are in TO will be just as good. You set the bar higher and higher, I can't believe you are wanting to go back to work already. I am cheering you on all the way.
    Love You
    Linda D

  3. Hey Jessica

    I have just been in Toronto spending 5 days with Phyllis. Let me tell you that you have been an inspiration for everyone there. I met Carmen and I was amazed at how happy he was. I just say and smiled when I watched him. I thought to myself " there is a man who is happy to have his lungs".
    It was an eye opening experience for me to see the "process"

  4. Sorry my name is Brian.

  5. You blow!
    ...the house down Gurlfriend
    Love how you're working those precious lungs and taking them out for regular 5k walks!
    Keep on keeping on...c u in 12 sleeps - yipppeeeee!