Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Great Strides

5k - blew it away! 

Last Sunday my family, friends and I laced up and sashayed our way over pavement and through a park (looking cool the entire time, of course) for CF. 

Get ready to fall over.  

I jogged. 


That's right. 

The entire 5k. 


Perhaps that's a bit of a stretch. I likely only jogged several hundred feet but whoa!! I kept up to my sister and my new chunkers didn't even fight me. 

I have cooperating lungs! That's a bit insane. Insanity is what it is. 

One year ago, I was huffing and puffing away, throwing my possessions into suitcases.  I was Toronto bound and in no shape to do the CF walk. 

I didn't know if I'd be home  to do it. Hell, I didn't know anything about my future. 

Fast forward a year and here I am cutting the ribbon for the walk and keeping up with everyone else. I even did stairs. 

I must confess. I did the walk and it was great and all, but I was having a very bad hair day. It's very sad.

Let's take a moment. 


Ok. I'm good. 

That was tough to swallow. But it's good I got it out. Acknowledged it. And now I can move on. 

I feel very honoured, as our local CF chapter made me the honourary chairperson for Great Strides. It's nice that they recognize talent - I wield a mean scissor. (Scissors?) 

Thanks so much to my team. It was awesome fun and I can't wait to do it again next year. With team shirts. Cause that would for sure up the coolness factor. 


  1. Team shoes...bright neon that would up the coolness factor Baby!

    Well done, once again!

    ...missing yer mug for 11 more sleeps

  2. I am so freaking proud of you, Jess!!!

    I've followed you for a lot of years - I've seen you struggle with things now and again, but you so often had a strong "I'll get through this" way about you. I admire how you have handled so much of life that has been dished out to you...

    And this is almost dream-like... This is what you wanted, and this is what you're received... It's amazing - and I pretty much know a lot of what you're dealing with, because I'm dealing with it too...

    You keep testing this - keep pushing the envelope... You're an amazing human being, and you have so many wonderful people and beings and things in your life to savor now...

    You take care... Love, Steve