Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A killer Puppy?

It happened.

Last night I was lazing on the couch when I saw the truck pull up. 

Animal Services.

Are you serious??

I met her at the door. She explained they received a complaint and I explained that Jagger is a puppy. Result: nothing. I just need to be more careful. I can't have my puppy randomly attacking people and eating their faces.

I'm going to have to have a good heart to heart with Jagger and Griffin. As you can see in this photo, they are just waiting for some unsuspecting victim:

No, seriously, I do understand. They are scary looking.

This past weekend was a blast. Brad and I visited my brother, his fiancé and my niece Taylor.

A year ago, I could barely lift her and could only hold her for maybe 30 seconds before it would be too much for me. Forget about playing and running around.

This time - we chased each other forever. She loved it. Giggles all over the place. Including me.

We also went bowling.

This time a year ago I could barely throw a ball down the alley. To save energy, I would take 2 balls at a time, go straight to the line and biff it down as best I could. Then I would take my Darth Vader-breathing self back to my seat and try and recover until my next shot at the pins. Just throwing the ball down the alley caused me to struggle.

This time I could do it all! One freaking fabulous ball at a time.

Keep in mind that I haven't really been able to bowl in years. So check out my scores:


Yup, amazing. I know. I brought out the big guns babeee.

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