Wednesday, 3 April 2013

New Chunkers Party

Come out and par-tay!!! Come on, come let me see your beautiful faces. Come let me express my deep gratitude for you and your support.

Which ever of the following images makes you want to party - that's what Saturday night will be like:

Please ensure you have a DD...or drink Kool-aid.
If you live close enough it's at the Michelin Social Club in Bridgewater. If you live far away, just book a flight. Easy. Or a train. Or bring your private jet and then take me to Hawaii. Or Australia. Or Italy. Your choice really; I'm good with the destination of your choice.

There will likely be lots of paparazzi there, so prepare yourselves. Lots of camera people and programs like ET Canada and TMZ. Magazines doing photo shoots - dress nice.

No, in reality you can wear whatever you want. Potato sack or a tuxedo. Dress or onesie. I'll think you're cool either way and guaranteed your mom will too.

If you feel like being REALLY cool, wear something green.

Green is the color of organ donation. Green is a sweet color. It'll bring out your eyeballs - just pretend their green. If yours aren't, mine are, so problem solved.

Even just earrings or a belt. If you do, I will tell everyone how cool you are. Deal?

I'm soooo excited to see everyone and I'm ecstatic that I get to dance my face off.

The last time I went to a dance was in December 2011. I got up to dance and lasted 10 seconds before crumpling over like a slinky and breathing like Darth Vader after a marathon. 

It still meant a lot to me to get out and be with family and friends, but I remember how badly I wanted to dance. I was angry at my lungs for not cooperating and wondered if I'd ever be able to dance again.

To be able to turn on some tun-age (that means music) and fling my body around like I'm a circus act is still extremely crazy to me.

I can do it.
I can move.
I can breath.
I can handle it.

So let's dance together. Come shake it.


  1. So wish we could party with you like it is 1999!!!! Have a great time. Hilda and I are having breakfast and thinking of you. Miss you.

    XXOO, Hilda and Craig

  2. We'll have a dance around the living room here in TO for ya!
    Wearing green of course!
    xo Pj & Cj

  3. Thrilled for you, We just found out today Carl is approved for transplant.
    "Macarena" for us too .... lol

  4. Hey Jess,
    I would love to come but my hubby broke his ankle 5 weeks ago and still can't put weight on it. It would be torturous to leave him home with the kiddos overnight. We go back next week to the hospital to have more x-rays and hopefully get a walking cast!
    Have fun dancin'
    Nina :)

  5. wishe we were there with you and yours. Adjey is wearing green as well.
    Hilda and John xoxoxoxoxo

  6. Hi Kiddo wish we could be there for your party,but we can,t make it there & we miss U alot,So U better dance your ass off for us since we couldn,t be there to have a nice dance with U.Your Birthday wish made my day, It almost made me cry, U are such sweet thanku for the birthday message.

    Hugs&Kisses from your friends always Mark and His Girls