Sunday, 7 April 2013

Left pieces of myself on the dance floor...

I could not be more tired. I'm not sure how my fingers are even moving. It could be the mountains of coffee that I'm pouring down my throat, or it could be that my fingers now know how to type without requiring the use of my brain.

Either way, it's cool.

This weekend has been insane.  In a good way. A good insane if there is such a thing. Brads' parents landed here on Thursday and were able to spend one night here with us before we all headed to New Germany to hang out with my family.

It should be noted here that as a transplant gift they bought us a Costco membership. This is important news as I, me, moi, Squeegee is the PRIMARY card holder.

Everywhere I go people do this to me now  ---------------->

I've been bragging about this ever since. So if you happen to run into Brad, you may as well go ahead and rub it in. Thanks.

Friday night was games night in the Carver house. I may not have won, but I beat Brad's dad, Ted, and we all know that that's all that really matters.

Saturday morning we went to a community breakfast. Here's a shot of some of the group:

 And a couple others who were busy dancing:

My brother and niece Taylor

Last night.

It blew me away on a number of levels. For a number of reasons.

Every time I greeted someone it was emotional. Knowing they all played a part in me being able to go to Toronto and have my new chunkers inserted just brought it all back. I am so, so, so grateful.

The DJ had a microphone. We did a few speeches. Of course, when it was my turn to speak, the microphone turned into a cranky toddler, or an evil monster, or a bully in the school yard. All of those fit.

The thing kept screaming at me. The interference was awful; even made me jump at one point. But everyone in the room knew that the thing had a mind of its own and had concocted an evil plot to take me down. After switching mics, all was good.

After I spoke, my dad spoke. Thanks Dad for making me bawl. I'm sure the mascara running down my face was really hawt. Thanks Brad and Dave and Lee for the beautiful words. You are all such elegant speakers...and then there was me who spent most of my time fighting with the sound system.

At one point I may have called up the society board members and tried to get them to play Duck Duck Goose.

Thanks everyone that came out. It was an awesome night. I danced my face off as promised and can't wait till the next party.

Some more shots of the night:

Mom & Brad

My nieces Seja & Taylor

Brad's parents Judy & Ted

Mom & Dad

Laura & I

Laura, moi, Lindsay & Shannon

I have to share with you two beautiful amazing gifts I received last night. Both are incredibly special and mean the world to me.

The G-man by my Aunt Krista Robar
This painting completely sums up the transplant journey:

By my CF "cyster" and friend Laura Beck Patton
I must go collapse now...if  you find pieces of me on the dance floor please send via FedEx.


  1. I loved meeting Ted and Judy - apparently all three generations of Lawlors are insanely awesome!! Nonetheless, I am quite sure Brad is adopted; he looks nothing like his dad.

  2. So glad all went well - we were sending good dance vibes from Hogtown and wishing on a star that we'd been there with'll have to wear that runny mascara when you come back in June - I want to see that Hawt look!!
    missing yer mug....

  3. The picture of the G-man is that is something I cannot do...maybe someday! I had a fun time with you guys Sat night, it was so cool to see "old" Jessica back!
    ~ Laura <3

    1. Both pictures blew me away. So beautiful.