Monday, 1 April 2013


We have a new addition to the family! He's black and white, furry and just freaking adorable.
Jagger - he's got moves

He likes cuddling, chewing grass, eating, chewing fingers, playing, chewing anything on the floor and playing with the G-man.

He's 4.5 lbs and full of energy, but also falls asleep faster than you can say Jessicool. 

The boys knew that we were planning on getting a puppy once I returned from Toronto, but we went ahead and surprised them. We drove out to pick him up, only telling them that we were going to look and wouldn't be actually getting one for a week or so.

Luke was at a birthday party and was surprised later, but here's Jake and Andrew with the new bundle of fur just minutes after hearing that we were taking him home that day:

I've had a discussion with Griffin about his new brother and he's happy that Jagger's another shih tzu; you know, so they'll understand each other. Another shih tzu was a perfect choice as they are non-shedding and small enough for me to pick up and haul around if necessary.

Here is the G-man during our conversation:

I'm not sure why he's sticking his tongue out...I thought we understood each other.
After that bit of excitement, we had more excitement. My three nieces, Seja and her twin sisters Kaia and Maliyah brought their parents to come see me. Not sure which one drove as Seja's only 3 and the twins are 10 months, but perhaps it was a collaboration.

They look like they'd be pretty competent behind the wheel, right?
It was awesome to see their faces again. I had only held them twice before moving away to Toronto. They are just so beautiful and amazing to watch. Seja is so grown up, 3 going on 13. And the twins! Could they be any freaking cuter?

We had a good chat. I reintroduced myself as the twins aunt, since believe it or not, they likely didn't remember me. I know - weird. I definitely captured their attention, as you can see in the following picture:

It's just so cool to be back to normal life.