Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Attention Please!

Sunday, April 28th @ 10:30 AM

What about it?

Amazing people are getting together to strut their junk around the Chain of Lakes Trail System in Bayers Lake, Halifax, NS.

Goal - to be totally cool, of course.

Oh...and also to celebrate the gift of life baby!!!

That's right - the GIFT OF LIFE!   

Remember those new chunkers of mine?? That's what I'm talking about!

Life: Pass It On is a society comprised of transplant recipients, registered organ and tissue donors and donor family members. Their primary mission is to promote organ and tissue donation awareness. They are holding a run/walk for that very purpose.

They are all about creating awareness, supporting patients and honouring donors.

That's pretty freaking cool.

Register here for the 5k or the 2.5k run or walk: http://www.lifepassiton.ca/organ-donation-run-and-walk.html

Oh, and another favor:

If you could also dig around in your couch, your vehicle, your pockets (and where ever else you may throw money away instead of buying me Starbucks) and bring it with you, that'd be sweet. Why you ask?

No, I'm not actually looking to build a Starbucks fund. 

Heather MacInnis is a friend of mine, a fellow cystic and a fellow transplant recipient. However, she's fought a much, much harder battle than most.

Heather just received her second double-lung transplant. She is one tough girl and is still fighting hard in her recovery.

Pennies are needed to help her and her family with the costs associated with moving to Toronto, the wait for chunkers and the recovery. Check out her story in the link here:

Heather is like a freaking ninja. She has been through so much and yet continues to rise. She deserves anything and everything we can do for her.

She's a pretty cool cat. Trust me. We've drank coffee together (from 3 feet away - cystic rules).

I would LOVE to see you there on April 28th. (I'll do my very best to let you keep up with me.) I would also love to see you come dragging sacks full of dough.

Just to clarify - I mean pennies, not bread and bagels.


  1. We'll be there in spirit and supporting you from afar...
    Go - Squeegie - Go!

    love & hugs,

  2. It has been almost a week since your last post. Get off your lazy a#*.