Thursday, 21 March 2013

Hallmark Moments

I'm sitting at home.


Sounds pretty good. Still pretty crazy.

There's some moments before I left (and when I returned to NS soil) that I need to document. Pretty special and/or wacky times. If I'm around, you can bet on the latter. Who wants to be boring?

My last day at physio with my boys. Here's the final Squat Squad action; get a sneak peak now before our workout tape comes out in stores everywhere:

We go hard

Our huge muscles prove it
My last few weeks in Toronto went sooooo fast. I tried to get in as much as I could between pokes in the blood lab, radiation through the roof, doctor appointments and celebrity magazine shoots. Ok, maybe the only shoots I was a part of involved cell phone cameras, but let's believe in the magazines.

The ladies managed to squeeze in a trip to the beyond awesome Ikea:

Pamela's mom, Helene, was too embarrassed to be seen with us, so she hid in the corner (can't blame her)

Proof of a photo shoot

Who knew there were tutus in Ikea??
Our last walk in the park was hard. I'm going to miss my park peeps and G=the G-man is going to miss his best bud Adjey and the rest of his friends. Whose butt will he sniff now??

My outfit is stunning, don't be hatin'

Check out Griff's hawt new raincoat

My last time at TGH with some lung buddies:

The rule is: if you get new chunkers, you get huge muscles

Something appears to be wrong with Carman:

Alien perhaps?

As for my first night home with the girls:

We had a little visitor

Who then took over my face:

And finally -

The boys decided to look their best for my return home:

Those are the moments to live for, right?


  1. lots a livin' in them moments Chicklet
    The squad is just not the same without you! The boys gave Jess S and I nothing but grief today...D had to come to our rescue and give them some additional corrective guidance. Go D!

  2. can"t believe it has been over a week since that park photo. we think of you often and i still look back to see if you and Bonnie are sneaking up behind me to scare me. miss you terribly. xoxoxoxo

  3. loving our little dance break in the park! MISS YOU!