Monday, 18 March 2013

Road Trip

I'm home.

It's a good feeling. It's kind of a crazy feeling. I've been gone not quite a year, but it sometimes felt like forever. I've said before, the last three months were the worst; that's when homesickness crept in the backdoor and put its claws around my throat and squeezed really hard.

Pre-transplant you don't worry too much about going home; you need those fancy new windbags first. Post - that's a whole other story. You know that you can leave soon. You feel it, dream it and can't stop thinking about it.

Finally it came. Going home. For real.

I woke early and headed to the hospital for bloodwork - yup, they had to suck some out of me even on my get-the-hell-out-of-dodge day. I was the third person there so it went quickly. I didn't stop to take a final glance at the building that has been the center of my world for the last 10 months. I just ran.

I wish our van was this cool
Dad flew up the day before and we rented a minivan. Luckily, buddy at Enterprise asked me to take it the night before, as it would be easier on them. So would I mind? Heck no. Easier on us, but you said it first! No extra dollars?? Sounds fantastical. 

We had dinner with the Hamiltons and they helped us load the van. What will I do without those guys? They've become family, as have so many others. Over the last several days I was able to say my goodbyes, only missing a handful of people. I slammed breakfast back with Hilda and Craig twice. Griffin is going to be so mopey without his best friend Adjey. I guess we'll just have to get another dog...

I hadn't drove in quite awhile so I was excited, as there's nothing better than being behind the wheel...

except for new chunkers, eh?

First things first: coffee. Priorities right? McDonalds for breakfast - hotcakes.

Growing up, every 3 months Dad would take me to the city for a CF checkup and every time we would go to McDonalds and I would get hotcakes. One of my favorite memories. So I guess it's pretty fitting that we left Toronto full of the stuff.  

I wasn't sure how I would feel about driving in Toronto, as walking in Toronto is one thing but driving is altogether different.

I loved it! I love driving. I know a thing or two about being assertive, so it worked out.

We had a little help from a girl I liked to call Gia. Gia the GPS. She was very sweet, using her gentle voice to guide us around the country. I found her comforting, knowing at least one of us knew what was going on and we wouldn't end up in Yellowknife.

However, at one point I was sure she was taking us somewhere to be offed or to undertake some other kind of criminal the highway, into some back woods. Weird.

There were also times that I clearly pissed her off. Okay, so I might have taken the wrong ramp, but seriously, Quebec is nuts. Ramps everywhere. Chaos. Fireworks. Sprinkles. Balloons.

We stopped for the night at my uncle David's. I also got to see my's only been 20 years (does that mean I'm old?). Griffin got to play with their dog Max.

We were up early the next morning, and after downing coffee, were back on the highway.

We stopped at my brothers place and I got to see my niece Taylor. Unbelievable what 10 months does. I know children grow quickly, but wow. I missed a lot. I guess somebody forgot to tell her to wait for me. Rude.

Finally, finally, finally we pulled in the driveway. Brad was waiting, and of course as he always does, videoed it. I ran up to him and stuck my hand in the lens. Beautiful video. Will likely make it on TMZ.

I had a few other handsome boys waiting for me:

We've got some running around to do. Cause I can.

We've even had our first race. I did good. Just avoided falling flat on my face. How awesome is that?


  1. You don't EVEN know how happy I am for you, Squeeg!!! I cannot imagine how it feels to come home like this... I'm fortunate enough to live 15-20 minutes from my center. To be away from home for nearly a year, and then come back - all fixed up!!!

    I'm proud of you - I'm so happy you're on your way on a fantastical journey. I hope yours is as amazing as mine has been. It's certainly starting out that way!!! Love, Steve

    1. Man, it's awesome to be home! I still can't believe it. It's definitely already been amazing and I expect more of the same!

  2. Welcome home Jessica. I have been waiting to hear that your feet are firmly planted in NS again. You are pretty remarkable woman in my books. What a journey, so many wonderful people who was with you along the way and now you begin a new journey with all those handsome males at your side. Count your blessings Little One, there are many and lots more to come.
    Love You
    Linda D

    1. Aw Linda, you are so sweet. i can't wait to see you!

  3. so glad all went well. Toronto will never be the same without you and Griff. miss you terribly.

    1. Miss you and Craig and John and everyone so much.

  4. Unreal. I have the biggest smile reading your most recent posts.

  5. Dear Jessica, You have touched so many hearts you have shared your inner strength througth this jurney (not alone). You seem to warm so many hearts, by just the way you smile,and those who know you all agree you,ve gone the EXTRA MILE. Welcome home Jessica i,m soooo proud of you.Love Forever and Always Aunt Heather xo xo

    1. You touched mine by coming to stay with me for a month. I can never thank you enough. Love you.

  6. Judging by the smiles on those handsome boys, they're pretty darn glad to have you back! Your journey has certainly inspired countless people, both near and far- I'm one of them! We wish you lots of love, happiness & health- I'm still hoping to get my butt to Bridgewater next month to see you & some of the gang!

  7. Welcome back Jess :)