Friday, 22 March 2013


My best from the West came today! Heather made it here without me landing in the hospital this time (it happened twice).

I shot out of bed at 5:30am to scoop her face up at the airport. Her flight was delayed, but I entertained myself by downing coffee and yakking with the ma and pa.

The last time she saw me was in July when I was in the hospital. She actually came to surprise me, but I had other plans involving the ICU and a Hannibal Lector face mask.

This time I'm oxygen free and breathing like a beast.

Except not quite as snarly.

I brought her home to the jungle. Or zoo. Whichever. Both fit.

Speaking of fit - she fit right in. See picture of Heather. (I'm banging this out on my Iphone, so I have no idea where the picture will end up in this post. It's very attractive.)

She managed to sleep for half the day, while I kept the boys occupied and relatively quiet (in service day ). They were so excited to hang out with her that all morning all I heard was "When is Heather getting up?"

Shannon came over later in the day and just in time for Heather to get up. Lindsay landed after work. Boys were so excited by all the company. Who can blame them - we are extremely cool.

I wa standing in the kitchen listening to all the laughter, the boys screeching, Brad telling jokes and my girls talking, when I had another Hallmark Moment.

A surge of happy. So so so happy. My life is back to where it should be. Where we've wanted it to be for so long.

The best part is - I could laugh till I had cramps and a sore face without coughing.

I'm in awe of my life. I am insanely lucky to have the friends that I do and my family is a riot (and certainty one of a kind).

Most importantly, I am lucky and honored to be a part of Brad's and the boys' lives. Lucky to have a house full of laughter and craziness.

Thank you donor. I had this amazing day because of you.


  1. So very happy for you!! Have loved following your journey & hope you keep it going!

  2. Wahoo - Live Laugh Lungs is now Lungs...Living...Laughing
    Way to go - thank you to donors and their families all over this country!
    Big Hug and miss yer mug!

  3. nice to hear "you are where you belong". happy to hear that.
    still miss your face and humour. xoxoxo

  4. I think this is what I was trying to tell you about... Love, Steve