Monday, 11 March 2013

Early morning wake up call

Blood Lab.

Arrived early. Thought I was a genius. Walked in and was hit with a wall of construction.


Place isn't that packed though. Seems the construction wall may have deterred some folks.

After sitting down it quickly became apparent that most of us were sitting there with new blowers.

That's a whole lot of scars.

Gossip back and forth. A whole lot of gossip. Also a lot of sharing. I'm __ months post transplant. I'm __ months. You?

I should just randomly jump in with something insane. Say I'm working on my 15th organ, or something equally ridiculous. Spice things up a bit.

Or, maybe I could discuss the fact that I've been awake since 4:30. That was pretty sweet. The G-man jumps down from the bed and I hear click click click on the floor.

Next thing I know he's got his freaking paws up on the bed demanding my attention like some sort of diva.

I give up and grab our gear, heading outside. Perfect. I'm wide awake. It's beautiful out. Warmish.

We head back inside and I forgo stumbling back to bed, opting instead to crawl into the shower.

I'm freaking ready folks. Ready to be awesome. Ready to tackle all the crap of the day.

Ready for coffee.

Oh yes. That delicious, imperative, soothing, beautiful liquid that makes me so so happy.

Hi Mr. Coffee cup. You look so sad and lonely. Oh, you are looking to be filled up? Let me help you with that.

Then Bonnie shuffles out of her room. It's a party! Everyone's up! Oh wait...yup, figures. The G-man is belly up, snoozing his face off on the couch.

Please Griff, relax. We wouldn't want to keep you up.

I snuggle into the couch and slowly savor every single sip of my coffee while watching the Lakers game from yesterday.

Hellz yes!! Lakers take it!!! Eat that Carman!

We have an early day at the hospital. I head back out with Griff before we go. Again, it's fantastic out. We go for a big walk and are entertained by the city. A guy on a bike rings his bell at us and thinks he's cool.

Today is an exciting day. The IV pole goes back today. No more nightly feeds. They were stopped after transplant but I kept the pole for a bit just in case.

We order a cab and stuff the thing inside. Buddy doesn't look too happy, but it's not like I care. It only sticks out of the window half a foot.

No more feeding tube!! Wow. I can't wait until the thing is detached from my stomach. That will be awesome. No more sticking out through my clothes. I will be able to wear dresses again. Ahhh, life is good.

So back to the blood lab. Still waiting. Been thinking about grabbing a needle and getting Bonnie to stick me.

Hope she's not shaky.


  1. Carman says, anytime you don't want to wait your turn at the lab, he'd be happy to draw blood for ya! You support of Lakers fans - ha ha!

  2. Hi Jess, How wonderful is this ,aur 4 legged litle (boy,s or girls ) wake up and want something (whatever we jump) no matter what time. No more feeding tube that,s great,out the window half a foot that,s nothing ,I will take it back sticking out 5 feet (by by feeding tube). Jess, you sound so happy and strong(make,s me happy and strong)....... Love,Forever and Always Aunt Heather xo xo

  3. Hello, Jessica,

    We are so glad that Phyllis and Jen got to meet you before you leave for home. You are such an inspiration !!!

    Phyllis and Jeff Tutty

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