Wednesday, 13 March 2013

3 Month Mark - Last full day in Toronto!

One year ago I completed an assessment to be listed for an operation that would involve ripping my chest open, stuffing new organs inside and duct taping me shut.

A double lung transplant.

I remember when those words first entered my world.

Who knew that it would be such an incredible experience. Aside from saving my life, it's given me an amazing bond with a lot of fabulous people and allowed me to connect with so many through here. From family to friends to strangers...unbelievable. I have no idea how to express my gratitude and love for all of you.

I wouldn't have had half the strength these last 9 months if it weren't for all of you.

My new chunkers and I are eternally thankful.  

(It's true, they told me.)

The last few weeks have been busier than normal and I haven't had time to update as much as I'd have liked. I have lots to share and will get to it all at some point.

Today marks 3 months with my new chunkers!!!

I've hit a few bumps on the recovery highway, but it's nothing a little pavement (or hardcore meds) won't fix. I'm feeling unstoppable. I have crazy cool lung function and can take a deep breath.

I can laugh and dance and have all kinds of Squeegee fun without coughing and with ease.

Well except I seem to have a weird laugh since transplant, as in barely a sound comes out (except a squeak here and there), perhaps my donor was the silent type?

I can't wait to go home to Brad and the boys. I can't wait to see my friends and family. I can't wait to see as much of you as possible (if you don't live in NS just hop on a plane...go ahead just get a ticket).
The G-man's tired from all that packing

Thankfully, Bonnie helped me clean and pack up before she left. We got most of it done, but let me explain. I came here with 4 suitcases. I'm leaving with 4 suitcases and a boatload of other junk. Also very thankful I opted to drive home. The boatload would never have fit.

Bonnie flew home today and dad has almost landed here. Road trip with the papa! I freaked out the other day about the drive home - for only one reason. I realized I didn't have a car charger for my phone. That's just not cool.

I ran out and got one so I can keep in touch with everyone and blog from the road.

I've been so excited. Running on adrenaline. Not sleeping. I could likely be a cast member on The Walking Dead as I feel like a zombie.

I'm actually procrastinating right now, so I should get back at it. Unless someone wants to come over and help me?

I'll wait.


  1. Wishing you a safe trip back to the south shore..I have been following your blog for a few months and I am so happy that you are on the road to recovery and on the road home. I have been an organ donor for many years, but reading your blog has made me realize just how important it is to donate and maybe change someones life for the better...wishing you many happy and healthy years with the new chunkers. Karen Campbell

  2. good luck and continued good health. I have your email so I will let you know when I have my surgery done. Take care.


  3. Hi Jess,So glad your coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Have a safe trip with papa
    Love June

  4. So happy to hear that you are soon homeward bound !!!!!! I have been following your blog for several months and praying for the best...yippeee!!!! All the best from the beautiful SS of NS.. W :)

  5. Farewell from Toronto! All the best!!

  6. Wishing you all the best life has to offer. I'm so happy for you. Have a safe journey home and may the wind at your back always be your own LOL Gale

  7. Jessica so happy to hear you are on your way home! Wanted to let you know that we have been following your blog during your journey towards new lungs and you are truly an inspiration to everyone!! So glad that you are doing well and we wish you all the best in the future! I don't think we have ever met but we are friends of your Mom and Dad and know how happy they are to have you home. All the best in the future and your advocacy for organ donation is an inspiration for many to sign that card. Linda and Larry Adams

  8. Safe trip! Hope to get to meet you sometime, might even see you at cf clinic one of these days.
    - Whitney!

  9. Homeward bound
    What a sweet sound...
    C U on the coast with the most!