Friday, 8 March 2013

Time: A Fun one turns into a Not So Fun one

How is it possible that time goes so fast? Does it go this fast for every other member of the human race, or is it just set on fast forward for moi?
A multitasker - slowing time & doing squats

Perhaps I'll attempt to slow down time like this schmo ------> 

Yet other times it has seemed to go so slow. I am itching to go home and at the same time I am a bit saddened by the thought. Although the wait for a double-lung transplant isn't easy (actually it can be tough as hell) it seems easy when you have such an incredible support system and have met such amazing people who are also waiting.

It's not leaving Toronto that is sad, it's leaving the people I've created such a bond with. This has been a whole new life. So, bittersweet is the best way to describe it.

Every day is something; my schedule is bloated (like my entire body post-transplant). Even when there are moments of nothing, there is something. Relaxation has to be penciled in, and just when I'm settled into the couch ready to forget all things requiring my attention, something happens that actually does require my attention.

I am trying to savour every last moment I have in Toronto. My time here is coming to a close and I don't want to miss a thing, miss spending time with anyone while I can, or miss any important social events for a VIP celebrity like myself.
Joanna & I at Cystic Fibrosis Canada

The paparazzi's still lurking you know.

This week has been full out nuts. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday were hospital days.

Wednesday I was invited to Cystic Fibrosis Canada's national office to share my CF/transplant story. It was really cool and I've decided I'll share it any day. So much fun and so important.

Plus I'm really good at not shutting up. 

After we left CFC we went out to eat. Basically, as soon as I sat down I felt a migraine coming on. I threw back a pill to shut it down and chased it with a gravol, as nausea is a migraine's bff.

Love how pills don't even listen to me. Why doesn't anybody listen to me???

We had to shoot out of there and home, as things were escalating. I managed to make it home and into the lobby before I felt it. Evil. Wanting out.

I ran around the lobby freaking Bonnie and the concierge out. Then I busted outside, where my insides became acquainted with the ground. It was really graceful. I could probably teach lessons on how to hurl like a champ. Sorry. Was that too graphic? Whoops. (But notice I didn't delete it?)

I made it upstairs and into bed. Twice two different concierges came up to check on me.


Next thing I know there are two paramedics in my bedroom.


I really must have scared the concierge. My bad. No - it was my head/stomach's fault. I'm innocent. I didn't even want to  participate.

Just another regular day.


  1. Hi Jess...did you have migraines before transplant.. I enjoy reading your blog ...Jane

  2. I kinda wondered about that too. Are the migraines med related or something you have always had? Gale

    1. Hey Jane and Gale! I barely ever got even a tiny headache pre-transplant. At first it was the result of one of my anti-rejection meds, but that's since been switched. Luckily they have lessened, but I'm still getting them occasionally.
      But I'll take it - cause I can breathe!!!

  3. I hope they can get them under control for you but I'm glad to hear how well you are doing. I enjoy reading your blog and want to thank you for the smiles and chuckles as I read it. I was laughing out loud at your descriptions of everyone admiring your muscles. :) Take care and stay well Gale