Monday, 11 February 2013

Support Requested

I need to take a minute and explain how much I hate lung disease.

Lung disease rips the guts right out of you; never mind the air.

It sneaks up slowly and attacks. It's not patient, it's not kind and it certainly isn't trying to win you over; wearing you down is more its' style.

I hate it.

It makes you weak, tired, exhausted...then you may see a glimmer of light, you think you will be fine, you can get through anything.

And then it brings you to your knees.

It punches you in the face, pulls your hair, kicks you while you're down and laughs the entire time.

It doesn't give you a break; it doesn't care.

It doesn't care.

It doesn't care.

I have too many friends fighting lung disease. Friends who are relatively healthy, yet still dealing with lung disease and all its daily struggles. Friends who are battling end-stage lung disease like warriors. Friends who are waiting for new lungs and maintaining a brave face, while hoping and praying they'll come any minute so they can finally have some peace. Friends who've received their gift of life and continue to have problems.

Friends who've received their new lungs and are back waiting for a second set.

Please support my friends James and Adena. James has Cystic Fibrosis and received new lungs on May 12, 2011. He had a great year. He married Adena and had an amazing future to look forward to.

Unfortunately, lung disease isn't as sentimental as some of us. James is in chronic rejection. He is in the ICU. He needs us.

Thoughts, prayers, positive vibes...anything you can send. Please.

Their Facebook page:

Their Blog:

Lung disease sucks. I hate it. We all hate it.

Help us overcome it. We need all the help we can get.


  1. Hi from Brian & Ann, Pamela & Carman - missed you at our pizza night!

    1. I'm sorry I missed it. I was feeling really worn out, but am back on top again :)

  2. Sorry you were feeling tired and couldn't join us. These are normal days and will pass - just get the rest you need.

    We are joining you in your fervent prayers for James - for peaceful, healing rest; and for Adena - the strength to let go for tonight and get the much needed rest she needs, for the strength to awaken tomorrow with a renewed spirit and the focus she will need to help James thru this latest setback.

    For each of our Breathless Buddies - a night of rest like none they've had for months, to wake and fight again tomorrow -
    for every breath we take, make us truly thankful!

  3. When I read your blog it always snaps me back to the reality of it all, the things I bitch and complain about seem so trivial when I think of you and all the new people you have introduced us to in your blog who are fighting for every breath and every day of their lives. It makes it hard to not question why some of us have it so easy while others have to struggle every day and yet those are the ones who appreciate the most what they have. Before your journey I never even had the conversation with anyone about organ donation, now it seems to come up more and more and I am trying to do my part in encouraging anyone who will listen to donate. I know you are doing your part and the message is getting out there and more people are responding every day.
    Love You,
    Linda D

    1. You know what though, everyone has their problems and I wouldn't want to take away from any of them. This situation and watching my friends fight for their lives definitely puts things into perspective however. Sometimes we just need a reminder that what we think is devastating is actually only a minor problem.
      I'm so happy to hear that you are having the organ donation conversation a lot. It means a lot. Thank you for your awesome support during this entire thing. I can't tell you how much I've appreciated it and continue to do so.
      Love you

  4. Me too! I couldn't have put it any better. Gale