Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Back At It

**Thanks everyone for your thoughts, prayers, well wishes and positive vibes for my friends James and Adena.**

Big Scary Monster IV guy
Today was a much better day for me - health wise. The big scary monster IVs used to fight the rejection did quite a number on me the last few days. I was starting to worry until I heard from my post-transplant nurse coordinator (also thanks to Fran for listening to me ramble on and maybe not make sense all of the time, but I guess she's used to that (as is most everybody)).

Apparently the mega powerful IVs give you a huge boost of energy and then bring you crashing down (and here I thought it was simply a Gaga hangover).

I finished the IVs last Thursday and definitely felt a rush of energy on Friday (although I would argue that was half due to Ms. Gaga face), but then felt extremely worn out for the next three days.

Saturday was a wash; Linds and I both felt like we'd been run over by steamrollers. We spent the day lounging and sleeping. Sunday we had good intentions to do something, but after picking up some food from the store, resumed our positions on the couch.

Yesterday I thought I would have my "new chunkers energy" back for sure.

Not at all.

I felt just as craptastic.

I almost, and I repeat almost, felt like I did pre-transplant. I just couldn't get it together. Everything I did at physio was exhausting; I couldn't even do the entire workout.

After physio I had PFTs. Unfortunately, it was a disappointment. I wanted to pull in a higher number than last week; actually had my eye on 85. That sounded like a nice sexy number.

Alas, my new chunkers had other plans. I had a slight set back.


I will admit - I was concerned. My lung function having decreased, along with low energy and a bunch of weird noises coming from inside my chest, made me wonder if the enemy known as rejection was hanging around. Like an annoying guy at a bar who just doesn't get the hint.

I called my post-transplant nurse, explained what was up, and patiently (honestly I was) waited for her to return my call and assuage my worries.

Good news: she did.

It's likely the IVs. This is a first for me as I've never taken a butt kicking like they gave me. They knocked me to the ground.

BUT, I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack.

Today, my energy was reclaimed. Not only was I able to walk around in an un-zombie like state, but I upped the intensity on the tread.

3.3 mph @ 1.5 incline.

Yup, Squeegee the Superstar.

I should make t-shirts, pens and other memorabilia. You want?

Best part of the day came after physio. While sitting there having coffee with Adena and Lindsay, we saw the freaking coolest thing!

We saw an

come to a screeching halt outside the hospital.

Two paramedics came in rolling a stretcher carrying two

I can only assume that there were ORGANS inside!!!!!

Someones life was possibly saved today. Perhaps even more than one life.

That is the definition of awesome.


  1. My Girl is ,Jess some of us have a straight road, some of us has a twisted road, but none of us learn from a straight road. Love Forever&Always Aunt Heather xo xo

  2. You, are the defination of awesome
    Uncle David

  3. That's really interesting about the IVs and the energy teeter totter. It's been a while since I've had any antibiotics - but now that you mention it, I too recall that surge of energy followed by the crash. In my case it was a sinus infection so - not having had such a unique experience as you - I just figured it was the course of things. Or that I overdid it.

    I feel for you re the battle of the numbers (in my case it's the scale) I know how bad it is to see those digits going the wrong way, but I feel you are back on track. And I'm glad that you saw those playmate coolers - someone here on earth getting their new wings. And glad you are back kicking it!

    your fan,

    1. Ya, it can be harsh. Thankfully it only lasts a few days. Glad to have you as a fan!!

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Glad to read that you are feeling better. Thought you might be interested to know that we used your story and blog to promote organ donation in the latest issue of the New Germany Community newsletter (the old home town). If you want to read it, the newsletter is online at our website http://newgermanycap.ednet.ns.ca (we call the newsletter New Germany Connections and you can click on the link on the left for all the issues). Maybe you already know this....
    Keep up the good work. Between the blog and your folks we follow your journey and your amazing story.
    All best

    1. Hey Madelyn, I checked it out and it looks great! I don't know if it was you, but whomever it was did a great job.