Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Gaga Hangover

No, there was no alcohol making its way down my throat, however a hangover was had.

What a night!!!!

It started with the G-man begging to go with; apparently he's a Gaga fan as well. I kinda thought so as I've caught him dancing to her songs a few times (he's got skillz).

Sorry Griff Griff
I had reserved a cab (one of the orange ugly ones) two days before; I really thought we were set. Apparently that doesn't mean squat. Not squats, but squat. The cab company called me a few thousand times just to let me know they still didn't have a driver for us and to double check that we still wanted a cab.

Naw, we'll just zap ourselves to the concert.

Here we are waiting in the lobby:

I have no idea what I think I'm doing here
We waited and waited for a cab. We went out to the street and tried to flag down a cab. No luck. Every single taxi had their light off, no one wanted us. We went back inside and dialed every cab company there was.

Finally, Pamela decided to be her amazing self and set off outside to create some magic. Minutes later I received a text - she found a cab driver at the gas station who was doing off duty, but after hearing her story, agreed to drive us.

She be awesome.

Here's her awesomeness on the ride there:

Finally we got there! I'd been excited the entire day, but the level of excitement was now through the freaking roof upon approaching the ACC. We sprinted out of the cab, security ensured that we didn't have any AK-47s or other threatening things in our purses and our tickets were scanned.

The music was pumping and so was my blood. I couldn't stand it; I started dancing. There is even video evidence of this, however I'll leave it to your imagination.

First things first: food.

Next: seats. We didn't want to miss a thing.

Thank God we got there when we did because we only had one full hour of sitting there before Gaga came onstage.

Eating...and waiting...
PJ & Shilpa pumped
Is she coming????
OMG she's cominnnnnnnnngggggg!  

Lady Gaga is too cool. I am a bit disappointed however, as she forgot to call me up on stage. Not sure what happened there, but I'm expecting a phone call any moment now with an explanation. I'll likely be invited on tour with her to make up for it. 

I spent the entire day yesterday recuperating. That Gaga hangover was narsty, but totally worth it. My body wasn't still the entire night, chair dancing at it's finest. I have no idea how I didn't lose my voice.

Me and my new chunkers had a blast.

Thank you donor for not only letting me have this experience, but allowing me to be breathless in a good way.

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