Thursday, 14 February 2013

3 Month Package

It's been an emotional few days. Lots of things happening. Still sending positive vibes, thoughts and prayers to James and Adena. He is truly fighting for his life...for the second time. It's a hard thing to watch your friends go through, let alone imagining what it's like for both of them.

James is currently on hold on the transplant list. His infections need to be cleared up before that he can be activated again. It's a very precarious situation and they need all the support you can throw at them. Just thinking of them must help, right? Please do.

I had clinic yesterday. Things continue to go well; my new chunkers continue to please. I do have some junk in there that needs to come up, but you try coughing with new blowers. It's harrrrrd. Sounds funny, eh? But it's true. We don't feel the need to cough - we have an interrupted cough reflex. My cough sounds like a strangled squirrel - whatever that sounds like.

I received my 3 month assessment package!!!! All the millions of tests will be done the week of March there is the potential that I could leave this city the week of the 18th. I just need the go ahead from the doctors and I'm outs.

It will be bittersweet though as I will miss all my Transplantland friends, my park friends and everyone else I've connected with here. But watch out NS! I'll come blazing in and won't stop. I have lots to talk about, lots to advocate about, lots of people to see and plenty of just being cool to do.

I'd say Happy Valentine's Day, but I don't actually celebrate it.


Brad flies in tonight. In fact, he'll be here in about an hour.

Gots to go.


  1. Fran is great, she is always answering our million and one questions! Hope to meet you sometime when you come back to N.S. and glad you're feeling better.
    - Whitney (StFX)

    1. She's the best!! I would love to meet you :)

  2. Congratulations and keep up the great work xoxoxo Donna