Monday, 21 January 2013

Monster Migraines & Great Strides

Last night was a doozy. I was sitting at the table trying to suck back some food when the stars started. It's called 'aura'. This is the first sign of the monster known as migraine.

Then the head pain crept in. It snaked its way across my forehead and dropped anchor. I popped a pill and crawled to the couch. One hour later the monster was still partying it up inside my cranium. I popped another pill.

Within minutes I felt the nausea. I ran to the porcelain palace. Sweat clinging to my body (hawt, I know). Then came the heartburn...intense pain bursting out all over the place. I screamed for June. I screamed for malox. June was my white knight; ran in wielding malox.

Relief was felt within seconds. A shower was felt minutes later.

I was wiped. Griffin and I slept like babies...

I started today at 6AM by climbing into the shower, where I was hit with lukewarm water, at best. Perfect.

Mondays will be my looooong hospital days until I leave Toronto. The day involves sharp objects piercing skin (blood work), delicious radiation (x-rays), huffing, puffing, blowing houses down (breathing tests) and white lab coats with lots of questions (clinic).

I breezed through the morning, had breakfast with Mark and his wife again, and then coffee with two other TransplantLand friends, Sarah and Adena.

PFT's (breathing tests) went awesome. I slammed it out of the park.


Up one percent from last week! The new chunkers are doing their thang.

Clinic was great. The last of my sexy chest tube stitches were removed. The nurse practitioner said I'm healing like a champ; she couldn't believe how faded my incision is already - at 5 weeks post.

Perhaps I am a championship lung transplant scar fader? Can someone make a trophy for that?

Doc switched my meds from one anti-rejection to another. The migraines were a bit much and there were other things that led to this decision. Tomorrow I start the new meds. Hopefully it won't bless me with a drastic side effect like extra limb growth.

We ended the hospital fun by having coffee with the Hamiltons and Sarah. Seems we drink a lot of coffee. What is seemed, is actually correct.

I'm so psyched to say that I've signed up for my second 5k. This time - Great Strides, a national fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis.

I've created a guess on the team name....

***Live Laugh Lungs***

Was that your guess??

Check out my team page here.

Feel more than free to join my team, throw your feet in some crazy cool kicks and strut your bad self alongside moi. The more on my team the better! My fundraising goal is $1000, but let's freaking blow that away.

If you can't do the walk or you don't live in NS, please think about sponsoring my team. All money raised is used to support vital CF research and care programs funded by Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

This is obviously a cause I'm passionate about and I hope you are too. Also, if you sponsor me, or join my team, I will give you a 5 minute lesson on breathing with new chunkers...cause who doesn't need a lesson on that?


  1. Hey - not that I'm a betting person, but who could turn away from sponsoring a winner? Count me in!
    Now about that new med...if you grow an extra leg, will you be disqualified as being even more advantaged in the run than you are now??
    So proud of you and your turn every stone attitude Gurl.

    PS - June and I usually have tea at these coffee sit-ins, just sayin' :o)

    1. Hmmmm, a third leg would come in handy...

  2. I posted the link to your great strides page on my Facebook. I am hoping that some St. FX friends will sponsor the cause, especially those who know how passionate I am about CF. When I find out if I am still in NS for may, I might just join your team! -Whitney from St.FX

    1. Thanks Whitney!! I would love for you to join my team! It would be awesome to meet you!