Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Gold Card

I have a confession to make.

I came out on the other side of transplant and I no longer like....

tall blondes.


Yup, it's true. I don't.

I gave it a real good shot. I had Brad bring me a freaking tall hazelnut blonde before I even left the ICU step-down unit. 

I had about 3 of them before I knew I couldn't do it any longer. They tasted like dirty water (cause we've all tasted dirty water).

I stepped it up a bit and tried the, get this - medium roast. Otherwise known as Pike.
Gold card babeeee!

I'm really working my way up in the coffee world, eh?

What was really sweet was Brad showing up in my hospital room with a gold card. I'm sure you're all getting used to Brad surprises. He wrote Starbucks, told them my story and how much I drink their coffee, and they sent it to us.

Just seeing Brad's smiling face at the hospital made me happy and provided me with mucho motivation, but add the gold card?? Wha????


Today was a physio day. Guys, I feel like some sort of muscle machine.

For my bicep curls, I lifted 6 pounds.

I know, crazy right? Next I'll be lifting minivans and freight trains.

Then I attached some 4 pound ankle weights to myself and threw my legs around like a dancer. I'm stuck doing 3 pounds for some of the leg exercises, as I've been struggling with my leg strength. Strange, I know. I guess years of having crusty lungs, combined with major ragin' surgery and 1 month in hospital, gives Squeegee spaghetti legs.

I upped the tension on the bike though. Somehow, I will have rock solid legs! After all...I have a few 5k's to crack out. My legs are getting stronger, so hopefully I will soon be rocking out on the treadmill again.

After physio I popped in on a fellow CFer who got her lungs exactly 1 month after I did. She looked like a superstar sitting up in bed with a huge smile on her face. Seeing my friends get lungs is so awesome and watching my friends still struggle while waiting is more than enough motivation to keep on being loud about organ donation.

Please, Please, Please - Recycle Your Organs!

This next part is brought to you by a furry little guy (he made me throw this in).

Griffin's best friend, Adjey, has been prancing around the park for some time now, acting like "the man", and making the G-man feel a bit inferior.


So, today Griffin asked me to help him out a bit. He wanted to update his wardrobe, plus protect his poor little paws from all the narsty salt that's dumped on this city every day.

Handsome? I think so.

He wants to know what you guys think


  1. Hey Mommy with her red kick,s G-Man with his red boo,s wiggle that butt Griff you and Adjey will rock the park . Jess keep up the good work before you know it thoes spaghetti leggs will turn into drumsticks. oh yes by the way the red train won your mom,dad & wayne didn,t stand a chance when that red train pulled out of the station TOOT TOOT . Love Forever & Always Aunt Heather xo xo

    1. I did 20 on the tread today; drumsticks for sure!

  2. Griff is kickin' the red boots! No more salt in the wounds on his little foot pads - Yeah! wait - is that Vogue calling?

    Heather - way to be fierce with the red engine - Mexican Train Dominoes has never been the same since we taught Jess how to play! Nobody can win but her, although her UNO Spin game has slipped and slid it's way to the bottom of the ranks - bwa-haha Miss your little Blue Nose!

  3. I had to share this bit of news with you, as when I saw it on the Today Show I immediately thought of you!

    Obviously, this may not work for all organs, BUT what I like the most is that it is bringing attention to the importance of organ donation!


    So glad you are continuing to do SO very well in your recovery. :-)

  4. From Janet & Chloe
    Chloe's veerrrry impressed with Griff's winter-time ensamble. She's particularly envious of his 4 matching red boots. Alas, her mother has been known to put mis-matched boots on her and she's even endured the fashion faux pas of 2011 where not only were her boots mis-matched, they had "Happy Birthday" printed on them......for shame. Her boots are fashioned from a bag of Dollarama balloons (they have more than just the supplies for lung transplants you know). Curses Toronto and its propensity for salty sidewalks (shaking paw at sky). Maybe we'll splash out for some "on trend" Pawz boots - maybe.

    1. Oooo glad Chloe is impressed; Griff likes to make the ladies happy. He really loves his Pawz...so do his paws. Go get some!

  5. Oh Griff you look so handsome and now will be like the rest of the city dogs. How chic. Adjey is so thrilled that you got the photo out on him hoping someone will get him out of the winter gear. it is the walk of shame but the salt and cold is so painful for them.
    Keep up the good work Jess you are doing so well. bravo!!!!

  6. 6 pounders eh??? way to rock it Jess! Remember when you were using those rediculously tiny 1 pound weights, your doing awesome!!!

    PS love G-Mans kicks, how shocking that you'd choose red lol

    See you soon!

  7. Jess, I can not thank you enough for having this blog.
    My husband, Carl, has idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and we finally have a date in April for our week of tests in Toronto. All this "hurry up and wait" for appointments is wearing us down as we have no idea what to expect. We found some guidelines in your journey. This has at least given us a ballpark to work with. Now we know we won't have a definitive answer when we leave Toronto in April. More waiting. If "patience is a virtue" we must all be freaking saints.lol I am sharing your blog with our friends/family to help them understand the process. Keep on dancing little girl you lift our spirits ♥ Susan

    1. Oh, I'm glad you found me. Don't hesitate to contact me through my email if you have any questions about this whole crazy process. The team here is amazing; you will be in the best hands. I wish you luck. Please keep in touch!