Sunday, 20 January 2013

Game Day

I can barely control myself. I sit, I stand, I sit, I stand, I walk around in circles, I sit, I stand, I pace.
I talk, I shut my mouth, I sing, I shut my mouth. Open, shut, open, shut.

My mind races and stops, races and stops.

My stomach flips and flops all over the place; feels like a freaking mosh pit.

P. S. I can do all that and breathe too.

The Lakers shirt goes on.

It's Game Day.

The game I've been waiting for for months. Lakers are in town.

What's even more exhilarating is that once again, Brad manages to squeak out another surprise. He's arranged a game day pass. A freaking game day pass.

I think I'll just go up to Kobe Bryant and ask him if they need another player. I'm sure he's heard of my skills and would be super pumped to have me help bring his team to victory.

Let's ask him now: "Kobe, how would you like the Squeegee to throw on a Lakers jersey and have at it?"

Well, that's settled.
Post Game...

WOW. This day blew my mind. I met buddy at the gate and got to go down to the floor while the players and other yahoos were shooting around. I was merely feet away from Metta World Peace (Laker player who used to be Ron Artest before undergoing that sweet name change) and was snapping pictures, but he just wouldn't turn around.

Most likely what I looked like
I'm sure he was in a standing coma, otherwise would have realized it was me and snapped to it. 

After that we headed into a curtained off area out back for a prayer session. Imagine how my guts felt when 6 players joined - 3 Raptors and 3 Lakers. Holy mother! I'm sitting there, having this amazing experience and once again can't believe how lucky I am. It was pretty intense.

After prayer I gathered them all up and gave them pointers on how to improve their individual games and also threw in some tips on how to be cooler.

Both teams are now fighting to sign me as head coach. 

My final surprise was being taken up to a suite (box) and shown the Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy!!!!

Looks like a trophy they'd hand out at physio
Finally, my work there was done and I joined Carman, his brother Alex and Chai in our seats.

O Canada
I must have brought good luck to the Raptors, cause the Lakers played just freaking awful. I guess Kobe forgot about my offer cause I wasn't called upon to lace up my red kicks and save the day. Weird.

You can clearly tell by these photos that we were having a horrible time:

Check out my pass:
Buddy didn't know my last name at first...
Thanks Brad for being so fantastical. You keep me on my toes and keep a smile on my face.

Great day with great blowers.


  1. WOW. Catherine VF

  2. I look forward to your updates, Jess! "Wonder what Jess is up to, today?" It's always a surprise, esp. w/ those fantastic blowers now keeping up w/ your fantastic red kickers (oh, and a fantastic guy who loves to surprise you & us) !
    Take Care! Catherine VF

    1. Exciting things are just always happening! My new chunkers are loving it!

      P.S. Brad definitely is fantastic :)

  3. Quite a day Jess, the pics look awesome. Too bad they didn't use your skill and advice. I am wondering if Jessica Carter was disappointed by not getting her day pass and Brad doing his magic to (pun) pass it along as yours - lol. Have a great evening angel and all the best til next time.
    Lee and Gladys

    1. I know, totally agree. My skills were wasted in the stands.