Friday, 25 January 2013

New Laces, New Boots

The other day I hauled out my stash of Christmas cards, and other cards that I've been sent since starting this lung adventure, and it hit me all over again how very cool I must be.

It also reminded me again of how lucky I am and how super fantastic all of you are. I couldn't ask for a better, stronger, more motivating support system...well I's not like you're all here in Toronto pumping iron and running on the treadmill with me.

Is that too much to ask???

I believe I now have new-chunkers brain. I'm getting tired a lot; worn out. But, it's likely a combo of the meds and just plowing away all the time with my new windbags. I just can't seem to get enough life. I want to be doing anything and everything...and then I crash.

Wednesday I was supposed to meet an awesome friend of mine (Chai from the Lakers game pic), but we ended up cancelling cause I was too chicken to walk in the hypothermia-inducing temperatures.

I pretty much sat on the couch all day, until Pamela came along to pick us up to help me make a delivery; I passed my wheelchair on to friends of mine. James has CF and is waiting for his 2nd set of lungs. His wife, Adena, is super sweet and I don't like the thought of them struggling to get around. They have a transport chair now, but that's about as useful (long-term) as a wheelbarrow. Yes, it's perfect for building muscles, but I'm pretty sure they have other things to enjoy every moment together and fight to stay as healthy as possible for transplant.

You can catch their blog here

After we dropped off the wheelchair we headed to the Hamiltons for pizza and a movie. The Hamiltons have such a cool theatre room in their building, so I got to relax in an actual theatre chair and stare at Bruce Willis for an hour and a half.

It's okay though Brad; he was not at all attractive in Looper. All is good.

Thursday was back to physio. We walked in to a surprise for Carman:

Pat wanted him to look even sexier
How can I seriously compete with that?? Pretty sure he's one upped me on the coolness scale. However, I think he deserves it. Have I mentioned how much he needs lungs? Since he's still walking around, sucking back oxygen, feeling like crap - he deserves cool kicks.  

The coolest kicks. 

So, to avoid outshining him, I kept it toned down with 6 lb weights (I'll be amazing and attempt 7 next week - hopefully I won't break myself). What is making me really happy is my ability to stomp out the box steps like a pro; I even do 20 instead of 10. It's really crazy how I can complete those suckers and not collapse on the ground gagging and coughing my guts up. Who knows, maybe when Brad comes back next month I'll be able to climb the building stairs with him.

Except he'll do 602 floors where I may only do 547.

We staggered back from physio and found ourselves a little surprise at the door; someone left us a card. Apparently they've been paying attention to the two hawt ladies living inside:

Although I'm not sure I'm as hawt without the oxygen and wheelchair. That really gave me the OMG factor, eh?

My new boots from ma sista would be perfect to wear in attendence though:

The G-man and I match now
This morning we were up bright and early for blood work and ECG. Blood work is done once a week, but more often when needed. I scored this week by needing to be drilled twice. We were in and out in no time, came back to the condo and had my hair done by the fabulous Craig.

Afterward we took the G-man out so he could show off his boots again.

It never fails to amaze me that I can walk to the park, sans wheelchair and oxygen, and have energy and air.

Have a freaking fantastical weekend. Appreciate every second of it...

...And maybe even do something crrrrazy.


  1. LOVE Carman's kicks!!!

    And you'll kick-a$$ on the stairs!!! That's part of what I do for exercise - every week a couple of co-workers and I climb 100 commercial floors at work (2,200 steps). As we're approaching a stair-climb event, we ramp it up to twice a week. I hope you get to climb with Brad!!!

    And I remember the frenzy then the crash... I think it's a crazy combo of the new found energy and the meds - especially prednisone... I too remember buzzing around, alert and hyper for what seemed like a few days - then laying down on the sofa and passing out... My princess said that I was like a kitten - a blaze of energy, then just collapsing and passing out wherever and whenever the juice ran out...

    But most of all - isn't it TRULY amazing to have energy and air?!?! It defies explanation to normal mortals... The drugs didn't help hiding my emotions either - we'd be wandering out and about on a walk and standing at a stoplight, Laura would look over at me and see tears streaming down my cheeks - she'd ask, "What's wrong?!?!" And I'd quickly start wiping and reply, "Nothing - I'm HAPPY!!!"

    Ya know - it still happens... I'll be wandering to work or just out on a walk - or ice skating at our local outdoor rink - and it will come over me, and I'll usually well up. It's going on 13 years for me, Squeeg - I'm still amazed, still in awe that I'm walking and acting so effortlessly... I hope that 13 years from now, you're still amazed. I think you will be.

    Love, Steve

    1. I'm so proud of you and your stairs. Man, that's crazy and admirable. I will do my damndest to climb next to Brad.
      It truly is amazing. So surreal. 13 years from now we will still BOTH be climbing stairs!

  2. You are totally amazing young lady. You enjoy your weekend and don’t let that nasty cold weather hinder you from your space outdoors. Those red boots look like they are trimmed in red . I bet you will be running in them before long . So glad to read that your old wheels are being used by someone who needs they, you a special heart you know – there is no better act of kindness and display of love then to give to others. Here si wishing you the best of day with plenty of hugs and kisses from our home to yours.Careful on those stairs, it may be a little hard going up but sliding down the banister is more fun than people realize.
    Lee and Gladys.

    1. Aw guys. You are too sweet.

      I can't wait to slide down the banister!

  3. I have been following your blog from a link on another blog and I have been totally enjoying it. Your sense of humour has kept me smiling as I read and your speedy recovery from transplant gives me a sense of hope. Thanks for sharing your experiences Gale

    1. Glad you found me. I'm all about sharing; I figure if I can laugh at myself, I might as well let everyone else in on it ;)