Saturday, 19 January 2013

Carver Christmas

Today Is Christmas. It's true, Ho Ho won't be there, but it's for sure freezing-your-butt-off weather enough to make it seem like Christmas.

My family is huge, everyone lives all over the place and are busy with their extended families over the holidays (plus this year mom and dad were busy in Toronto...something about windbags??), so mom organizes us all together when it can happen and voila!

A Carver Christmas.

This is the first time I feel truly homesick since moving here. Yes, I've been homesick for Brad and the boys and I've missed everyone, but it really blows that I'm not there right now.

I would be singing and laughing and just generally being loud and annoying and why??? Cause I have new blowers and I can breathe and do all of those at the same time.

The good news is that I got to Skype my face in and watch the craziness unfold. I got to see my 3 year old niece, Seja, playing with my 2 year old niece, Taylor and watch my 8 month old twin nieces fling each other around and wrestle each other to the ground.

It's always a gong show at the Carver Christmas, but unfortunately they missed out on being entertained by moi. Sad I know. It's really too bad, as I had lots of speed talking without coughing or taking breathing breaks to do, running around chasing babies to do and mucho bragging to unload on my older brother, Jason, about how I'm back at #1 in the NBA fantasy league babeeeee!

After Skyping into that circus I decided to drag myself to the gym. I was pumping away on the bike, right proud of myself, as I was alternating between, get this - tension 1 and tension 2; mindblowing, I know.

I look over at buddy next to me (whom, by his ragged breathing, I was terrified was going to pass out and break his face) and he's going tension 7.

There's always a show off, eh?

As, I'm now doing 30 minutes on the bike, at an extremely impressive tension I might add, the way I see it is....

Lance Armstrong who??    


  1. Merry Christmas to the Carver family. Sorry you couldn't be there in person, there is always next year and the many after that. You are looking so good in all the pictures you post, it does not seem possible that in such a short amount of time you are already in such good shape. Those new blowers was meant just for you. When I think of you even considering a marathon it make me want to get off my lazy ___ and move, lol. Way to go with the NBA fantacy league.
    Love you
    Linda D

    1. It was sad not being there, but really great that I was able to Skype in. I miss everyone so much! I'll soon be home though and running all over the place to see everyone.

  2. Sounds like you were there Jess, I am sure everyone was feeling your spirit and life in the home anticipating just how they would counter act your wit and humor had you been there in person. Have a super day and keep that bike moving, at the rate you are peddling you will be in New germany in no time. Love from our home to yours - Lee and Gladys. Jasos, caleb and his family send their love as well . Hugs as aways ♥.