Sunday, 2 December 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Best part of the weekend, besides having Brad here, was Friday morning when he waltzed into my hospital room to bust me out.

First things first, however. He brought me hotcakes and coffee from Mickey D's. I shoved those down my throat and then proceeded to pour my coffee all over my laptop.

Our reactions:


Brad: Jumps up, attacks it with tissue, picks it up, turns it upside down, shakes it, then takes keys out and mops up remaining liquid.

I think we know who the cool cat is here.

We finally escape and shove ourselves into a cab, as it's -140 out and too damn cold to wheel me home. Brad opens the door of the condo and I am assaulted by a furry little grey thing, with both tail and tongue spinning around in circles.

We relaxed the entire day and then...

Seriously sweet seats
Raptors game!!!!

We went with mom and Pamela, while Carman sat up in the rafters with Kristy and Derek. Enjoy the view guys? ;)   

Drake (rapper dude for those of you who are like "Whooo????") sat court side and only about 9 rows down from us (you get a different answer depending on who you ask).

He and I performed at half time. Don't worry, I'm sure you can catch it on YouTube.

It was a great game, this time the Raptors didn't buckle in the fourth quarter and they managed to pull out a win. I was surprised that I still had a voice by the time the game was over. Between cheering for the team, and screaming for a freaking t-shirt they were flinging into the stands, I was raw. They were red, would've matched my kicks. Sucks.

I did actually catch one, but turned to my left, saw a kid with his arms outstretched and gave it to him. Meant more to him than it ever would to me.

Brad had to work Saturday. Griffin and I slept in until 10 or so. We got up and mom took him out, while I sucked back my aerosols. I had great intentions of grabbing breakfast and doing other human things, but instead my body went into a coma-like state and I didn't rise again until about 2. I woke and the G-man was right beside me.

Like owner, like dawg?

The Hamiltons came over for dinner and games that night. Brad and I had decided earlier to let someone else win. We will wait until Christmas time to crush them and destroy their dreams. Muhahaha...

It's now Sunday. Brad's gone back home. I watched him leave in a cab. Another trip home that I'm not on.

Instead, I will stay in this city, keep pumping iron, flexing muscles, generally being cool and doing the granny shuffle all over the place.

Fingers crossed for an early Christmas present. For once I can say that's all I really want - and mean it.


  1. You lie... (in til 10 am);
    you lie... (around til 2pm) and
    you lie... some more - you & B-rad decided to let someone else win?? What was all that whining & gnashing of teeth he was doing as the scores were added and what was all the huffing and puffing and grandstanding about the impeding slaughter when the game started...and how about all the "this game is stupid" comments as his score climbed to the very rafters Carman and the Zizians had been sitting in to watch the Raptors and trying to staunch their nose bleeds?
    Ha, ha, ha - we're glad you're home cause we've run out of games mercy...prepare to stand yer ground Gurlfran!!!

    oh yeah,
    Hugs, Pamela
    PS - miss ya already Bradface!

    1. I didn't lie! I did wake up around 10 or 10:30 and then again around 2...or 2:30. Whatever. Time, it all blends together. The important part, and what we need to focus on, is that at the next games night, you are going down Hamilton!

  2. Those seats were awesome, from the picture you really did look so close! Loving the way those sweet green pants look on that hott you know what! So glad you got to spend some time with Brad, he'll be back again before you know it! An jusr sayin...had I still been hanging out in TO, Grif would be sleeping in that long with me every single morning lol.

    Miss you so so much Sissy! xoxo
    Lil Sis

    1. We were close. It was such a great game and a great experience.

      If you were still in TO, you can be sure that you would NOT be sleeping in that long every morning. You'd be up cooking me breakfast and doing anything else I wanted. Yup, that's right you would.

    2. Yup thats my sister for all you readers of the blog to see...Not oly should you all feel bad for Jess (like needing new lungs is a big deal or something?) Feel bad for the little sister that has to put up with her crap and has been doing so for the past ummm 25 FREAKIN YEARS!!!